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dangle (something) before (someone)

To try to entice someone with something. Dad dangled a few twenties before us, but we told him he'd have to pay more to get us to clean out the whole garage.
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dangle from (something)

To hang loosely from something, as if likely to fall. Can you secure that picture before it falls? It's just dangling from the nail.
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dangle a carrot in front of (one)

To try to entice someone with the promise of a reward. Dad's going to have to dangle a carrot in front of us if he wants us to clean out the whole garage.
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dangle from something

to hang from something. A number of colorful glass balls dangled from the branches of the tree. Some loose threads dangled from the bottom of his jacket.
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dangle something before someone

 and dangle something in front of someone 
1. Lit. to tempt someone by dangling a tempting object in front of them. Don't dangle that string of pearls infront of me unless you intend to give them to me!
2. Fig. to lure someone with something. He dangled the keys before Wally, hoping to get him to drive. He dangled the money in front of Eric, hoping to make him change his mind.
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dangle something from something

to hang something loosely from something else. She dangled a few small bells from the bottom of her skirt during the holidays. I dangled a bit of fish from the window so I could see how high the cat would jump.
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dangle a carrot in front of someone


offer someone a carrot

COMMON If you dangle a carrot in front of someone or offer them a carrot, you try to persuade them to do something by offering them a reward. The team have dangled a $17 million carrot in front of the Italian to remain in North America. He is to offer the public a new carrot by reducing petrol prices. Note: The words carrot, dangle and offer are used in other structures and expressions with a similar meaning. Tax cuts may be offered as a carrot to voters ahead of the next election. The money's dangling there like a huge carrot, and you want to grab it. Note: The image here is of someone encouraging a donkey to move forward by holding a carrot in front of it.
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n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Come on, Billy. Shake your dingle and put it away.
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Sion and I just grabbed him and dangled him over the balustrade - then we released him.
If she combed her long, honey-blonde hair, she had to climb the high mountains with him, be dangled over cliffs, with a Valentine waistline and heavy-lidded eyes.
The nekFIT eliminates the burden of dangled headphone wires because it doesn't interfere with free and unimpeded movement.
The pair was saved from a deadly fall when passers-by were alerted to the screams of 43-year-old Hou's girlfriend, Lili Tang, who could be heard yelling terror as the car dangled from the rooftop.
A witness filmed the shocking stunt as the girl, thought to be six, dangled in mid-air.
TRAPPED: The two girls dangled their legs out these windows
As a kid, he was intrigued when Harry Houdini dangled from a crane by his ankles while escaping a straitjacket.
It's even as bad as Dragons' Den, in which a bunch of millionaires dangle their money in front of penniless would-be entrepreneurs rather as Marie Antoinette might have dangled a chocolate digestive in front of the starving peasantry.
A WOMAN dangled a baby over a ship's railing by its ANKLES in a sick attempt to escape immigration police.
And he dangled the girl by her legs over the 100ft drop.
Franchise players will be dangled, top prospects offered and rumors floated on NBA draft night, but when the speculation gives way to reality, the wheeling and dealing probably won't involve the Lakers.
IT has been seven years since Michael Jackson turned ultra Wacko and dangled his baby son over a hotel balcony.
Eminem - wearing a surgical mask, a swipe at the Gloved One - dangled a baby doll from his balcony at the ArtHouse Hotel, Glasgow.
For more than 60 years, he has dangled from a rope outside a historic local bar, the Hangman's Tree.
But the 33- year-old, of Tollcross Road, Glasgow, sped off as her legs dangled out of the car's door.