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a danger foreseen is half-avoided

proverb Being aware of a danger helps you to prepare and avoid the full brunt of it. In the winter, I always listen to the weather forecast so that I'm never caught by surprise by a snowstorm. A danger foreseen is half avoided, after all.
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be off the danger list

To have recovered from a serious illness. Primarily heard in UK. Uncle Harry is officially off the danger list! The doctors are releasing him from the hospital tonight.
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be on the danger list

To be so sick that one may die. Primarily heard in UK. Uncle Harry is still on the danger list, so we're going to visit him in the hospital tonight.
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fly into the face of danger

To do something risky, unsafe, or unwise. Of course Steve went bungee-jumping—that guy loves to fly into the face of danger. You need to make good decisions when driving, OK? No flying into the face of danger.
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fraught with danger

Very unsafe or risky. A trip to that part of town at night would be fraught with danger—why risk it?
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fraught with peril

Very unsafe or risky. A trip to that part of town at night would be fraught with peril—why risk it? The villagers warned that our journey through the Carpathian Mountains would be fraught with peril.
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in the teeth of (something)

1. In spite of; notwithstanding. Some people still believe vaccinations to be harmful in the teeth of thousands of scientific studies proving otherwise. In the teeth of the boss's disapproval, we decided to go forward with the project anyway.
2. When threatened by or confronted with. It's hard to be an optimist in the teeth of so much tragedy and turmoil in the news each day. The plane turned into the teeth of a horrible storm.
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out of debt, out of danger

One will drastically improve one's life if one can pay off debts owed to other people, corporations, banks, etc. You'd do well to pay your credit cards off as soon as you can. Out of debt, out of danger, as they say.
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fly into the face of danger

Fig. to take great risks; to threaten or challenge danger, as if danger were a person. (This may refer to flying, as in an airplane, but not necessarily.) John plans to go bungee jumping this weekend. He really likes flying into the face of danger. Willard was not exactly the type to fly into the face of danger, but tonight was an exception, and he ordered extra-hot enchiladas.
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fraught with danger

Cliché [of something] full of something dangerous or unpleasant. The spy's trip to Russia was fraught with danger. My escape from the kidnapper was fraught with danger.
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be on/off the ˈdanger list

(British English) be so ill that you may die; no longer be very ill: He’s been extremely sick, but thankfully he’s off the danger list now.
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(do something) in the teeth of danger, opposition, etc.

(do something) when or even though it is dangerous or people oppose it, etc: The new law was passed in the teeth of strong opposition.They crossed the Atlantic in the teeth of a force 10 wind.
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fraught with danger/peril

Very risky indeed. Fraught with means “full of ” and is rarely used today except in the sense of something undesirable. The expression, a cliché since the nineteenth century, first appeared in print in 1576 as “fraught with difficulties”; the precise cliché was first cited by the OED as appearing in 1864 in H. Ainsworth’s Tower of London: “This measure . . . is fraught with danger.”
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Sadikul Haque, an official from the Central Water Commission, told ANI: "Water has crossed the danger level by 16 cms and it is expected to rise due to the intermittent rain in the area.
Was there contact with the head or neck?What is the degree of danger - high or low?Are there clear and obvious mitigating factors?
As artillery shells land just several miles away, Filipinos turn to singing to temporarily forget the danger lurking nearby.
(4) Holmes concluded that the printing and distribution of the circulars did not present a clear and present danger. "[N]obody," he said, "can suppose that the surreptitious publishing of a silly leaflet by an unknown man, without more, would present any immediate danger that its opinions would hinder the success of the government arms or have any appreciable tendency to do so." (5) But had Holmes concluded that the leaflets did present a clear and present danger of persuading others of the truth of the defendants' perspective, such that opposition to the draft and other war activities increased by some unspecified degree, the clear and present danger test would have intervened to disrupt the "free trade in ideas" (6) that Holmes praised.
I would like to know why democracy is not in danger when a mother in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is forced to kill her own little daughter because of abject poverty, yet democracy is in danger when political leaders are held accountable for their corruption.
The four rivers in Terengganu that had crossed the danger level were Sungai Besut at Keruak Bridge which recorded 36.75m reading compared to the danger level of 35m; Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap (21.35m compared to danger level 21m), Sungai Berang in Kampung Menerong (24.58m above the danger level of 24.50m) and Sungai Telemong in Kuala Ping (21.06m above the danger level of 19.70m).
Pilots after sensing danger aboard the aircraft informed the control tower about the danger.
Islamabad -- Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq backing his own utterance, in which he has apparently feared early dissolution of assemblies, said that he unveiled what danger he has felt regarding the persisting political situation.
With its colorful, quirky animation style and collection of endearingly offbeat characters, Amazon Prime's Danger & Eggs belongs to the same kind of alternate universe as fellow animated shows Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe.
The country is facing more problems than 1970 as at that time we were facing danger from one country and now we are facing dangers from many countries', he added.
HE may have just won an Emmy Award, but surely an even greater accolade is to be a guest star in Danger Mouse.
Lower liver cancer danger: 29 % lower danger of developing liver cancer by the consumption of 1-3 cups of coffee in a day.
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