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in the teeth of

1. In spite of; notwithstanding. Some people still believe vaccinations to be harmful in the teeth of thousands of scientific studies proving otherwise. In the teeth of the boss's disapproval, we decided to go forward with the project anyway.
2. When threatened by or confronted with. It's hard to be an optimist in the teeth of so much tragedy and turmoil in the news each day. The plane turned into the teeth of a horrible storm.
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be on the danger list

To be so sick that one may die. Primarily heard in UK. Uncle Harry is still on the danger list, so we're going to visit him in the hospital tonight.
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be off the danger list

To have recovered from a serious illness. Primarily heard in UK. Uncle Harry is officially off the danger list! The doctors are releasing him from the hospital tonight.
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fly into the face of danger

To do something risky, unsafe, or unwise. Of course Steve went bungee-jumping—that guy loves to fly into the face of danger. You need to make good decisions when driving, OK? No flying into the face of danger.
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fraught with danger

Very unsafe or risky. A trip to that part of town at night would be fraught with danger—why risk it?
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fly into the face of danger

Fig. to take great risks; to threaten or challenge danger, as if danger were a person. (This may refer to flying, as in an airplane, but not necessarily.) John plans to go bungee jumping this weekend. He really likes flying into the face of danger. Willard was not exactly the type to fly into the face of danger, but tonight was an exception, and he ordered extra-hot enchiladas.
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fraught with danger

Cliché [of something] full of something dangerous or unpleasant. The spy's trip to Russia was fraught with danger. My escape from the kidnapper was fraught with danger.
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in the teeth of

1. Straight into, confronting, as in The ship was headed in the teeth of the gale. [Late 1200s]
2. In opposition to or defiance of, as in She stuck to her position in the teeth of criticism by the board members. [Late 1700s] Also see fly in the face of.
3. Facing danger or threats, as in The tribe was in the teeth of starvation. [Early 1800s]
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in the teeth of

1 directly against (the wind). 2 in spite of or contrary to (opposition or difficulty).
2 2001 Fast Company Magazine All of these solid performances occurred in the teeth of a global economic slowdown.
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be on/off the ˈdanger list

(British English) be so ill that you may die; no longer be very ill: He’s been extremely sick, but thankfully he’s off the danger list now.
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(do something) in the teeth of danger, opposition, etc.

(do something) when or even though it is dangerous or people oppose it, etc: The new law was passed in the teeth of strong opposition.They crossed the Atlantic in the teeth of a force 10 wind.
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fraught with danger/peril

Very risky indeed. Fraught with means “full of ” and is rarely used today except in the sense of something undesirable. The expression, a cliché since the nineteenth century, first appeared in print in 1576 as “fraught with difficulties”; the precise cliché was first cited by the OED as appearing in 1864 in H. Ainsworth’s Tower of London: “This measure . . . is fraught with danger.”
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