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gol dern

 and gol dang
Rur. God damn.; God-damned. Gol dern it, Mary, shut the screen door! Them bugs is get-tin' in here in droves. The gol dang car's in the shop again.
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That's for dang sure!

Rur. That is quite certain! (The formulaic response to That's for sure!. The accent is always on the dang.) Tom: That's for sure! Jane: That's for dang sure! Sally: We'll be there and that's for sure! Bill: Yup! That's for dang sure!
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Here's hoping that they don't: It's high time pragmatism trumps partisanship andforget the obsolete-before-it-was-started fence--pass a danged bill.
Soon he's groping bordello babes, cheating at poker and demanding a shoot-out with any danged varmint with the temerity to ask what he's hiding up his sleeve.
Almost every night them danged foxen were raiding my henhice.
Many, however, simply dove into an ice cream, gelato or trough of frozen yogurt - any debate over which one was best be danged.
Frank Fellone, the Democrat-Gazette's deputy managing editor, said the newspaper couldn't trace the source of the item, which appeared in the section's "Tidbits" column, but he's "pretty danged sure" it came from wire services like the rest of the column items.
I wasn't sure Pitt's Indiana legs and lungs could handle it, but Bob was an ex-Marine, and as soon as I questioned whether he could do it, he knew danged well that he could.
Well, inevitably the guy's son crashed the danged car into a tree.
Dad, the birds are too danged heavy for me to carry and I am stuck in the mud.
That danged buck is luckier than a crooked riverboat gambler, I thought while reaching for a drink of water.
We know what we're going up against, but I'll be danged if we're going out there to lose a game.
Fearing the end of his career, McCain began running television ads promising to "complete the danged fence.
After rubbing my shin for a good solid five minutes with my eyes closed because those lights on all over the house could be horrifically bright for just one eye, I climbed on the chair, reached up and realized I couldn't see a danged thing anyway because I didn't have my glasses on.
Being on the board of regents was nothing but danged hard work.