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gol dern

 and gol dang
Rur. God damn.; God-damned. Gol dern it, Mary, shut the screen door! Them bugs is get-tin' in here in droves. The gol dang car's in the shop again.
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That's for dang sure!

Rur. That is quite certain! (The formulaic response to That's for sure!. The accent is always on the dang.) Tom: That's for sure! Jane: That's for dang sure! Sally: We'll be there and that's for sure! Bill: Yup! That's for dang sure!
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An established artist by the 1960s after starring in an exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Dang always strove to create what was new and exciting.
Dang wants to be a graphic designer and Zakariya wants to be an architect, adding: "But if this Eat The Street goes well I might become a food critic.
The two chiefs' meeting should therefore be taken as an opportunity to strengthen communication, promote understanding and secure a better, steadier and faster development of cross-Strait relations, Dang wrote.
From Kristine Dang, "Elfster's CEO, Peter Imburg, tracked me down from an Oakland Tribune newspaper article I was featured in.
We are very pleased with our progress and, with the additional capital, we are confident that Dang Dang will continue to innovate and maintain its leadership position in the years to come.
Bin Tang, CEO of YeePay, said "Dang Dang is a symbol of China's ecommerce.
Dang joined RedEnvelope in July 1998, as Director of Merchandising.
Dang had lost his Honda Dream motorcycle on the Sunday match between Germany and Yugoslavia, which ended in a 2-2 tie.
The hilarious, 191-page paperback book is available only online at Dang Funny Politics Dot Com (http://www.
But Dang, East West's upbeat artistic director, is already pumped up about his company's high-profile address, smack in the middle of Little Tokyo and flanked by the Museum of Contemporary Art's Geffen Contemporary and the Japanese American National Museum.
Coached by chemistry teacher Jeffrey Green, the team has two girls and seven boys: Kathryn Segalle, Catherine Gilabert, Bryant Davis, Nathan Hamlin, Brian Kim, Jeffrey Lee, John Park, Khoa Dang ``Don'' Tran and Gary Waters.
Minh Dang, a Vietnamese-American White & Case partner since 1989, currently based in Singapore.
Dang is also the lead author of a second poster presented at the conference reporting on an interim analysis of a Phase II study to evaluate the efficacy of the combination of ONTAK and rituximab for relapsed/refractory B-Cell NHL.
Team members are Bryant Davis, Catherine Gilabert, Nathan Hamlin, Brian Kim, Jeffrey Lee - who earlier this year scored a perfect 1,600 on his Scholastic Assessment Test - John Park, Kathryn Segalle, Khoa Dang ``Don'' Tran and Gary Waters.