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galloping dandruff

slang Lice. Ugh, I'm so itchy—I really hope it's not galloping dandruff.
See also: dandruff, galloping

walking dandruff

and galloping dandruff
n. lice. (see also pants rabbits.) The bum called his lice “walking dandruff.” I don’t know anybody with galloping dandruff—I hope.
See also: dandruff, walking

galloping dandruff

See also: dandruff, galloping
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However, dandruff may be due to controllable causes, such as low humidity, sunburn, bathing with a shampoo not formulated for cats, or even stress.
Dandruff is caused by a fungus called 'Malassezia globosa'.
Dandruff can be treated Dr Rolanda Wilkerson, principal scientist at the anti-dandruff haircare brand Head and Shoulders shares her advice: A common misconception of dandruff is that it's associated with lack of hygiene.
Dandruff can be embarrassing and sufferers may try various methods to alleviate the symptoms.
Method: This double-blind randomised clinical trial was conducted at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran, from December 2015 to August 2016, and comprised patients with dandruff aged 18-60 years visiting the dermatology out-patient clinic.
Though looking for dandruff samples in long-dead dinosaur fossils sounds a tad weird, the discovery - which has been designated as the first as well as the oldest-known evidence of skin shedding in dinosaurs - is giving paleontologists insight into the early evolution of the weird skin feature and how it used to differ from the case of dandruff in modern-day animals.
Dr Maria McNamara and her team studied the fossil cells and dandruff from modern birds.
People who are sensitive to yeast have a slightly higher chance of dandruff, so yeast may play a part.
NHS England is to hold a public consultation on proposals to rein in prescriptions for products like dandruff shampoo and drops for tired eyes.
Unilever's Dove recently rolled out a dandruff care line, the DermaCare Scalp Series, which features three variants: Pure Daily Care 2in1 Shampoo, Invigorating Mint 2in1 and Shampoo and Dryness & Itch Relief Shampoo and Conditioner.
-- Unilever's Dove Hair brand has introduced Dove DermaCare Scalp Series, which the company says addresses the needs of women who have traditionally had to sacrifice the health of their hair in order to fight dandruff.
One more stubborn problem through which people suffer is dandruff which happens when scalp loses moisture.
This oil also provides the best ayurvedic dandruff treatment as it moisturizes scalp and prevents dryness.
Speaking to the media, Maheen Hassan, brand manager, Head and shoulders Pakistan said, Head and Shoulders was created with the vision of helping consumers fight dandruff effectively and inspire confidence in them.