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galloping dandruff

slang Lice. Ugh, I'm so itchy—I really hope it's not galloping dandruff.
See also: dandruff, galloping

walking dandruff

and galloping dandruff
n. lice. (see also pants rabbits.) The bum called his lice “walking dandruff.” I don’t know anybody with galloping dandruff—I hope.
See also: dandruff, walking

galloping dandruff

See also: dandruff, galloping
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5million on dandruff shampoos - enough to fund a further 4,700 cataract operations or 1,200 hip replacements every year.
Oily skin, cold weather, stress and skin conditions like eczema can cause dandruff.
Try the shampoo daily until your dandruff is controlled, and then use it two or three times a week.
As treating dandruff, the argan oil helps to nourish the hair follicle, which promotes hair development.
Milder formulas can be the key to reducing dandruff.
On physical examination, she is found to have erythematous eyelid margins, with cylindrical dandruff at the base of most of the eyelashes (Figure 1).
In a Gilani Research Foundation survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked: "Do you have dandruff problem?
Lather dandruff shampoo up well and let it sit for several minutes for best results.
Even though the terms 'seborrheic eczema' and 'dandruff' are sometimes used interchangeably, dandruff is the term used when only the scalp is involved.
Washington, Apr 26 ( ANI ): Research on the fungus that ranks as one cause of dandruff is directing scientists towards a much required new treatment for the condition's flaking and itching.
The HydraZinc technology in head and shoulders combines an advanced potentiated zinc pyrithione formula that is more effective on scalp care and against dandruff than ZPT was ever before.
As Chinese consumers' major requirements for hair care are getting more specific, specialized products for moisturizing, repairing, dandruff treatment or straightening effects have been widely adopted, creating competition within the market.
today announced the launch a new hair oil brand, PROstyle Dandruff Control Hair Oil, the 1st ever hair oil developed especially for men.
I imagine people with dandruff are also blissfully unaware of what they're carrying around" - Actor Colin Firth (pictured) on his famous film role.