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get (one's) dander up

To become annoyed or angry. Don't get your dander up with me—I'm just trying have a conversation here. I know I got my dander up a bit last night, so I understand why you're avoiding me.
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dander up

Said of one who is annoyed or angry. Don't get your dander up with me—I'm just trying have a conversation here. I know I got my dander up a bit last night, so I understand why you're avoiding me.
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get someone's dander up

 and get someone's back up; get someone's hackles up; get someone's Irish up; put someone's back up
Fig. to make someone get angry. (Fixed order.) Now, don't get your dander up. Calm down. I insulted him and really got his hackles up. Bob had his Irish up all day yesterday. I don't know what was wrong. Now, now, don't get your back up. I didn't mean any harm.
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get someone's back up

Also, get someone's dander up; put or set someone's back up . Make angry, as in Bill's arrogance really got my back up, or The foolish delays at the bank only put her back up. Get one's back up and get one's dander up mean "become angry," as in Martha is quick to get her dander up. The back in these phrases alludes to a cat arching its back when annoyed, and put and set were the earliest verbs used in this idiom, dating from the 1700s; get is more often heard today. The origin of dander, used since the early 1800s, is disputed; a likely theory is that it comes from the Dutch donder, for "thunder." Also see get someone's goat; raise one's hackles.
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get someone's back up


put someone's back up

If someone or something gets your back up or puts your back up, they annoy you. What does get my back up is a girlfriend who gets jealous if someone else finds me attractive. I thought before I spoke again. The wrong question was going to get her back up. The appointment took the whole office by surprise and at first seemed to put people's backs up. Note: This expression may refer to the way cats raise their backs when they are angry.
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get someone's dander up

If someone or something gets your dander up, they make you feel very angry. I read the article and have to admit, it really got my dander up. Note: The origin of the word `dander' is unknown.
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get someone's back up

make someone annoyed or angry.
This phrase developed as an allusion to the way a cat arches its back when it is angry or threatened.
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get your dander up

lose your temper; become angry.
The sense of dander in this originally US expression is uncertain, as neither dandruff nor dunder (meaning ‘the ferment of molasses’) seems entirely plausible.
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get someone's dander up, to

To make someone very angry. The origin of this term is disputed. Most likely “dander” comes from the Dutch donder, for “thunder,” but there are numerous other theories. The earliest reference in print dates from 1830, in Seba Smith’s Letters of Major Jack Downing: “When a Quaker gets his dander up it’s like a Northwester.” Also see get someone's back up.
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dander up

To be angry. “Dander” is the particles of hair that break off an animal's hair (humans call it “dandruff” when it happens to us). “To get your dander up” calls to mind the hair that stands up on the nape of an enraged dog's neck. Another meaning of the word is the ferment used in making molasses; getting your dander up in that context suggests that your anger is rising the way yeast or any other leavening or fermenting agent does.
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Tests indicate that she is allergic to a large number of items, including sesames, mushroom, chocolate, broccoli, fish, whole wheat bread, dog dander and various plants.
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Pets shed dander and also slough off dead skin cells, which can increase the number of dust mites in your bed.
Dust is mostly human skin flakes, but also includes pollen, pet dander, and dust mites and their droppings.
Epidemiologic studies have linked the disease to a plethora of modern lifestyle factors, but the traditional focus has been on heredity and a few identifiable triggers such as animal dander, fungi, ozone, and pollens.
In testing, the seams were subjected to dust mite allergen and cat dander (which is even smaller than dust mites).
In the dander and under their breath, in the soil and in the water, on the leaves and the clothing of the dignitaries, lay creatures unknown to Hicks, microorganisms, insidiously moving from animals to humans, eating, multiplying, sharing, spreading, connecting.
LaDuke and publishers have combined 40 of her most important speeches, articles and fiction excerpts in this collection designed to get your blood boiling and your dander up.
These animals spend their entire lives in confinement, where dust, dander, and noxious gases are a constant presence, and disease is rampant.
Perry: An infected external canal will exhibit a spidery dander that we can simply peel off.
Listening is also a key part of the job, since asthma can be triggered by everything from cat dander to old carpeting, dust mites, outdoor air pollution, poor use of medication and neighborhood crime that keeps children cooped up.
In addition, the company said SneezeEze is effective for symptoms associated with pet dander and polluted environments.
We have found an inexpensive way to filter home air to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particles.
With allergies, it is important to remember that people are often more allergic to the dander (dandruff) than to the hair itself.
Vacuum cleaners with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrest) filters are sold as the best way to reduce airborne allergens from cat dander.