dance with

dance with someone

to perform social dancing with another person. Do you think you would like to dance with Wally? Would you please dance with me?
See also: dance
References in classic literature ?
The possibility that he too should dance with Maggie, and have her hand in his so long, was beginning to possess him like a thirst.
I know I 've made a guy of myself; but Fan insisted on it, for fear you 'd be offended if I did n't go the first dance with you," said Tom, remorsefully, watching Polly as she settled the bow of her crushed sash, which Tom had used as a sort of handle by which to turn and twist her; "I can do the Lancers tip-top; but you won't ever want to dance with me any more," he added, as he began to fan her so violently, that her hair flew about as if in a gale of wind.
I don't want any of the gentlemen; they are so stiff, and don't care to dance with me; but I like those boys over there, and I 'll dance with any of them if they are willing," said Polly, after a survey.
In the center stands the bride, and, one by one, the men step into the enclosure and dance with her.
The ceremony begins again--but there are few now left to dance with, and so very soon the collection is over and promiscuous dances once more begin.
Haven't you asked Miss Nancy to open the dance with you?
Godfrey founded any hopes on her consenting to dance with him, he would soon be undeceived; but there was no need for her to be uncivil.
You know one dance with you matters more to me than all the other pleasures in the world.
So Anna always made Jimmy Burns take her by Maggie's house every Saturday night so that her friend could go to the dance with them.
She said that she would dance with me if I brought her red roses," cried the young Student; "but in all my garden there is no red rose.
If I bring her a red rose she will dance with me till dawn.
You said that you would dance with me if I brought you a red rose," cried the Student.
And when Friday night came she began to dress for the dance with a brave heart.
Middle-aged Italian labourers, old-country peasants who did not talk English, and who could not dance with the Irish girls, surrounded me.
To be sure, the majority of the clubs are dedicated to Contra Dance, but several thousand English dancers gather for weekly or bi-weekly evenings of stately dance with groups as disparate as the Fairbanks, Alaska, English Country Dancers and English County Dance Atlanta.