dance with

dance with (someone)

To get into a physical altercation with someone. Yeah, I'll dance with you, you clown—let's go! Based off their matching bruises, I guess those two danced with each other during the big game.
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dance with someone

to perform social dancing with another person. Do you think you would like to dance with Wally? Would you please dance with me?
See also: dance
References in classic literature ?
Poyser's observation: it would not do for him to dance with no one besides Hetty; and remembering that Jonathan Burge had some reason to feel hurt to-day, he resolved to ask Miss Mary to dance with him the first dance, if she had no other partner.
The pleasure of the dance with Hetty was gone; his eyes, when they rested on her, had an uneasy questioning expression in them; he could think of nothing to say to her; and she too was out of temper and disinclined to speak.
Now that Hetty had done her duty and danced one dance with the young squire, Mr.
The possibility that he too should dance with Maggie, and have her hand in his so long, was beginning to possess him like a thirst.
To be sure, the majority of the clubs are dedicated to Contra Dance, but several thousand English dancers gather for weekly or bi-weekly evenings of stately dance with groups as disparate as the Fairbanks, Alaska, English Country Dancers and English County Dance Atlanta.
It can be a sacred ritual dance with mythical implications.
The rhythmic beats of a drum called a dhol accompany a dance with expansive movements.
The other day I was on the phone to the man I dance the sitting dance with, and as we were speaking I suddenly became conscious that I was pacing a rhythmic path between the joints of the floorboards and the angles between the points of the furniture, round and round, back and forth.
This introduction raises more questions than it answers, inviting the reader to dance with us.
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DANCELAND A unique school teaching both Ballet & Chinese Dance with unparalled professionalism since 1981.
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