dance at wedding

dance at (someone's) wedding

To honor someone by joining them at their wedding. Everyone loves you—I'm sure lots of people will want to dance at your wedding.
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dance at someone's wedding

to celebrate in honor of someone at someone's wedding. I will dance at your wedding—if you invite me, of course. If you think I will dance at your wedding, you had better be nicer to me!
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And it's thanks to Sutton Cold-field's Emma Holding who has set up a unique business dedicated solely to teaching brides, grooms and their families how to dance at wedding receptions.
LATE DASH: Shane arrives at wedding yesterday' BLISS: Edele and Michael dance at wedding' EXCITED: Guests wait for bride' C'EST LA VIE: Newlywed Michael with bride Edele' B*WITCHED: Edele with her new husband Michael Barrett Yesterday' PLEDGE: Couple exchange their vows' PROUD: Father of the bride Brendan' GRAND: Edele arrives at the church in limousine' GUEST: Ex-band member Sinead with partner Michael' GLAMOUROUS: Bridesmaids arrive
We help put nephews through college, we dance at weddings, we stick up for cousins and we keep the family secrets.
People who didn't even dance at weddings (like myself in series three) competed alongside other hapless folk, as well as sportsmen and women and the occasional actor/performer.
"Performing Youlah with two guns comes naturally to me because I dance at weddings and functions.
In Pakistan, there are an estimated 500,000 "eunuchs" -- a community of castrated men, hermaphrodites, transsexuals, transvestites and homosexuals, traditionally paid to help celebrate the birth of a son or to dance at weddings. When the Supreme Court in 2009 recognised them as a "third gender", ordering they be issued with separate identity cards, it was hailed as a landmark decision in a nation battling enormous human rights abuses and chronic violence.
Aamir Khan: ?The actor has sworn never to dance at weddings or attend Bollywood award ceremonies.
TEENAGERS are invariably embarrassed when mums and dads get up to dance at weddings.
I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston, is the nation's top choice for the first dance at weddings. The ballad was featured in hit film The Bodyguard.
"Top 25 Wedding Songs of 1997" is based on music played for the First Dance at weddings that took place in 1997, compiled from a survey of hundreds of DJs and wedding couples across the United States.
You would not believe how many people want me to dance at weddings DES CAHILL YESTERDAY
With drummer Vinny May having proposed in New York and their song The One fast becoming a top pick for the first dance at weddings the Dublin four-piece must be a romantic bunch?