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a damsel in distress

A woman who is waiting to be saved, often from a dangerous or troubling situation, by a man. It's not like I'm a damsel in distress, Dad—I'll be fine living on my own.
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damsel in distress

a young woman in trouble. humorous
Damsel in distress makes humorous reference to the ladies in chivalric romances whose sole purpose was to be rescued from peril by a knight in shining armour (see knight).
See also: damsel, distress

a ˌdamsel in diˈstress

(humorous) a woman who needs help from a man, often to solve a practical problem: When I got a flat tyre I had to wait for my boyfriend to come and help me, like a true damsel in distress!
Damsel is an old word for a young woman who is not married.
See also: damsel, distress
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Richard Wood from Belsay returned a 10lb rainbow taken on a Black Hopper, Dan Muse from Great Park returned an 11lb rainbow on an Olive Damsel.
Gary Parmley from Ashington returned 18 trout while Jimmy Cranston caught 23 trout on Damsels and Buzzers.
FLY BOX Chatton: Mini lures, Damsels, Yellow Dancers, Montanas, Nomads, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Nymphs.
Encased in a dark wood, the aquarium is 5 feet in diameter, with some 40 tiny blue damsels swimming in it as "test" fish to determine when it is ready to add more tropicals, such as wrasses, puffers and triggers.
Chatton: Buzzers are working extremely well, drifting at approximately 3ft to 4ft in depth, also working well are Bloodworms, Diawl Bachs, Cat's Whiskers, Yellow Dancers, Dawson's Olives, Damsels, Montanas.
Damsels are still active and fish are taking them a metre or two down.
ANGLERS opting to fish Buzzers and Damsels have enjoyed good sport this week at Caistron Lakes where the crystal clear waters have produced quality trout.
Jubilee: Dries, especially Daddies and Hoppers, tiny Gold Bead Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Damsels, Dawson's Olive, Olive Zonker.
Top rod this week was Chris Turner who, over two visits, landed 16 trout including fish of 9lb 8oz and 8lb 8oz on Damsels.
Spennymoor rod Geoff Wharton safely returned 24 taken on small imitative patterns, Brad Hill of Bishop Auckland had 17, mostly on damsel nymph patterns while Stewart Hambleton of Spennymoor, also fishing damsels, put back 14, the best an brown trout of about 5lb.
Shipman's, CDC Olives, Adult Damsels, Caenis nymph/dun/spinners, Brown Sedge, Wickham's Fancy.
uk FLY BOX Caistron: Buzzers, Sedges, Damsels, Daddies, Hawthorns.
Damsels and black or white lures have been extremely productive although Daddies, wet or dry, have produced the most consistent results.
JUBILEE: Hoppers, Daddies, Buzzers, Cat's Whisker, black and green lures, Olive Zonker, Damsels, Sunburst/Orange Blob, Bloodworm.
Olive Zonkers or Damsels were also taking trout on both lakes.