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damsel in distress

A helpless woman who needs to be rescued from some danger. The term is a reference to the stereotypical female character in romantic stories who serves solely to be rescued by a heroic male character. It's not like I'm a damsel in distress, Dad—I'll be fine living on my own.
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damsel in distress

a young woman in trouble. humorous
Damsel in distress makes humorous reference to the ladies in chivalric romances whose sole purpose was to be rescued from peril by a knight in shining armour (see knight).
See also: damsel, distress

a ˌdamsel in diˈstress

(humorous) a woman who needs help from a man, often to solve a practical problem: When I got a flat tyre I had to wait for my boyfriend to come and help me, like a true damsel in distress!
Damsel is an old word for a young woman who is not married.
See also: damsel, distress
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A range of patterns, especially Damsels, have tempted fish.
com FLY BOX Aldin Grange: Small Klinkhammers, Pheasant Tale Nymph, Hare's Ear, Kate McLaren, Buzzers, CdC F Fly Chatton: Shipman's Buzzers, Black Buzzers, Damsels, Diawl Bachs, CdC patterns.
Best patterns are CDC Emergers, dry Sedge, Shipmans Buzzer, black or red Buzzers, Damsels and Cats Whiskers.
Tamworth's Joe Ball used Damsel patterns for a five-fish bag from Broadwater which included a 5lb rainbow.
Ricky Evans put together a threefish 9lb bag using a damsel nymph; Ryan Jones caught three weighing 10.
Bloodworm has been the top fly with Olive Damsel, Olive Zonkers and Black and Green Nomads all doing well.
STEVE Mills caught a 9lb 5oz rainbow on an Olive Damsel at LOCKWOOD BECK.
PACKINGTON: Great Pool got on to the big fish honours board when Solihull angler John Knowles fished a Damsel pattern for a 13lb beauty.
Steve Lansom caught eight rainbows on a damsel nymph and Richard Trevanan hooked the same number on a black gnat pattern.
Goldhead Daddies, Dawson's Olive, Damsel Nymphs, Buzzers, Diawl Bach and Bloodworm have all taken trout.
Chatton: CdC patterns, Black Buzzers, Black Hoppers, Sedges, Shuttlecocks, Damsels.
Neil Clark used a similar Damsel to good effect, catching seven fish by casting into the wind from the culvert.
Damsel, PT, Hare's Ear, Montana and red and black buzzers have all been doing the business for confirmed nymph addicts, Cat's Whisker and orange patterns the best lures.
A damsel nymph and intermediate line worked for Ken Bowring while a gold head version of the fly was used to good effect by Steve Wakeham, Tim Downey and Jeremy Samuels.