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And, Al-Adham Boy 1, who died needlessly and in innocence for lack of protection and breach of his human rights, and, damningly because of the lack of coordinated resolve by the international community to uphold in a consistent manner the very laws that they have enshrined.
Finally, and most damningly, statistics from the Government's own Department for Work and Pensions has shown that Britain, under Gordon Brown, is a more unequal country than at any time since modern records began in the early 1960s.
We believe that the Post failed in its ethical obligation to its diverse constituency -- not simply by publishing the cartoon, which it had every legal right to do, but by failing to appreciate the racial overtones before publication and, more damningly, by its narrow-minded defensiveness after the heated reaction to its publication.
Laforgue shows that this passionate love story embodies, damningly, historical reality at several levels, not least of all in the way Balzac revalorizes historical legends or traditions--the value of the house of Burgundy here--in characterizing one of his most distinctive female characters, the abandoned Madame de Beauseant, well-know from Le Pere Goriot.
The theorizing is all over the place with many theories invoked superficially (including, most damningly, globalization theory) and there are uncomfortable fits among and between the theories, especially the high modernism of psychoanalytic theory and the postmodern orientation of the authors, especially as demonstrated in much of Lemert's other work.
She concludes that (i) the endorsement of censorship by a speech act analysis of pornography competes with its commitment to the conventionality of speech acts, and, more damningly, that (ii), recasting anti-pornography arguments in terms of linguistic conventions risks an unwitting defence of a rapist's lack of mens rea--an intolerable result; and yet resisting this conclusion requires that one back away from the original claim to women's voices being 'silenced.
My books are made from the tensions between high generalizations about East, West, humanity, the meaning of life, and damningly realistic observations about daily life.
Perhaps most damningly, Hunter turned out to be a political maverick.
More damningly, Ehrenreich employs the words "terror" and "terrorist" with uncritical certainty, writing: "With great reluctance and foreboding, I had to agree with the Bush Administration that America needed to launch a 'war on terror,' or at least a determined effort to apprehend the terrorists.
Perhaps most damningly, the report highlights the lack of power by either EU member states or financial institutions to stop the continued transfer of data to the US Department of Treasury (UST).
Even more damningly, such scholarship 'has no place for colonial subjects of Asian and African descent who engaged in a campaign of resistance to this racism' (p.
Even more damningly, Best Mate was only the joint fifth-best steeplechaser in the Racing Post Ratings after his most recent start, being ranked behind Moscow Flyer, Azertyuiop, Kicking King and Well Chief, and equal with Beef Or Salmon.
Perhaps most damningly, the report found widespread evidence that LIPA often told clients and providers "that the state does not pay LIPA enough to cover the cost of providing care to OHP clients.
Bush says at this point, his words smack of too little, too late -- and, even more damningly, of an ulterior motive.
Most damningly of all, the author condemns the hostility of this extreme individualist ideology to 'human solidarity, empathy and altruism'.