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Most damningly, she charged that Ford was a closet homosexual who hated women, and that she had seen him kissing a major male star on the lips.
Hardly the ideal preparation for Barcelona in the Nou Camp on Wednesday and, damningly of his players, Pellegrini admitted they might have had one eye on that Champions League tie.
And to be damningly fair, the way we develop senior leaders precludes the propensity to voice misgivings in the first place.
Tonnesson questions the level to which Giap's and Ho Chi Minh's hands were at best forced by radical elements within their camp or more damningly a result of a blunder.
Daniels campaigned against "bawdy houses" around naval bases, increased the number of chaplains and, most damningly, banned all alcoholic beverages.
In spite of the celebrity intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy's own histrionic vanity, the modern French trahison des clercs was made amazingly, damningly evident in his Adventures on the Freedom Road: The French Intellectuals in the 20th Century (English translation, 1995).
According to Sport24, firing out the jokes, Li thanked her agent Max Eisenbud, who was sitting in her players' box , for making her rich and gave damningly faint praise to her long-suffering husband Jiang Shan, her former coach and often the butt of her jokes.
Damningly he says today: "The reason we set up this academy at our own cost was because I would have died of old age waiting for this Government to help us.
And it is a long season; Blues finished decently after the turn of the year and to write off everyone and everything so damningly and quickly is not always advisable.
Most damningly, A&E departments are failing to do psychiatric assessments on half of all patients who have self-harmed or attempted suicide, Jonny eventually takes his findings to the new minister for Care And Support, Norman Lamb.
Belykh said he had not read all the court papers but damningly said he had not seen evidence of the alleged crime.
Next is a scathing critique of Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment as damningly apolitical and ahistorical, lacking criteria for differentiating between salvageable and unsalvageable aspects of the Enlightenment, and ignoring class interests.
Although most of the comments attached to the post were supportive, even "gung ho," more sober analyses were largely critical, pointing to poor tactics, disorganized command, wasteful use of ammunition, inadequate defensive preparations, and more damningly, failure to observe proper procedures.