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He started slightly, as the damning words fell from the young man's lips.
The French gentleman and Mr Adderly, at the desire of their commanding officer, had raised up the body of Jones, but as they could perceive but little (if any) sign of life in him, they again let him fall, Adderly damning him for having blooded his wastecoat; and the Frenchman declaring, "Begar, me no tush the Engliseman de mort: me have heard de Englise ley, law, what you call, hang up de man dat tush him last.
On the morrow, rumours of this new act of daring on the road yielded matter for a few hours' conversation through the town, and a Public Progress of some fine gentleman (half-drunk) to Tyburn, dressed in the newest fashion, and damning the ordinary with unspeakable gallantry and grace, furnished to the populace, at once a pleasant excitement and a wholesome and profound example.
Oh, my friends and fellow- countrymen, the down-trodden operatives of Coketown, oh, my fellow- brothers and fellow-workmen and fellow-citizens and fellowmen, what a to-do was there, when Slackbridge unfolded what he called 'that damning document,' and held it up to the gaze, and for the execration of the working-man community
Robertson, such damning is indeed typical of biblical prophetic thought.
It's ultimately damning to all, whether saint or sinner.
The Nonfiction Features sidebar has grown to the point that no fewer than six of the top 15 most popular films at the 2000 festival were documentaries, with three of them -- Audrey Brohy's and Gerard Ungerman's damning look at American involvement in the Gulf War, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm; Kevin McKiernan's damning look at American foreign policy vis-a-vis the Kurdish nation, Good Kurds Bad Kurds: No Friends But the Mountains; and veteran John Pilger's damning look at UN sanctions in Iraq, Paying the Price: The Killing of the Children of Iraq -- representing the kind of political filmmaking that Vancouver audiences eat up.
Calling ``My Favorite Martian'' one of the more entertaining TV comedy-to-film translations would be damning with faint praise.
City of Dreams hopes to take this to a new level, combining the feel of the old `Twilight Zone' with teeth and claws and fangs and a modern perspective that in turn will be funny, scary, experimental, damning, and redeeming.