a (damn) sight better

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a (damn) sight better

Quite a lot better (than a different person, thing, or condition). "Damn" is used to emphasize how much better someone or something is. The car should run a damn sight better now that you have the tires aligned properly. So far our new intern has been a sight better than our last one.
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(damn) sight better

Rur. much better. Mary can sing a damn sight better than Tom can. You look a sight better with your hair cut short.
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a (damn, etc.) sight ˈbetter, ˈworse, etc. (than somebody/something)

(informal) a lot better, etc. (than somebody/something): Life would be a sight easier if we had a little more money!A car that big would use a darn sight more petrol than ours.
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References in classic literature ?
But I'm here, and I'm a damned sight better man than that thing ever was.
Of course, there are many strong arguments for going it alone, but history shows that we're a damned sight better doing it together.
However, they are at least trying to make a difference, which is a damned sight better than the alternative of "let's just roll over and let them walk over us".
Yes, the NHS is not perfect, but it's a damned sight better than the health service in India, number 134.
"Winning the indy title would be a damned sight better than my finals meeting last year!" the 50-year-old said.
But we will be a damned sight better in the replay because we can't be any worse."
Of course we're grateful that a run of three successive defeats is at an end but we'll feel a damned sight better when Newcastle become invincible at home again just like last season.
No longer does it suffice to shrug the shoulders, concede that the luck wasn't with us and admit that the team we were up against were a damned sight better than we thought they would be.
He is desperate to get off to a winning start but he knows the performance against Dons will need to be a damned sight better than it was against the impressive Leeds.
And for another thing Randy Mandy of Lower 4C was a damned sight better teacher than Miss Blenkinsop will ever be.
Mind you, he's a damned sight better looking than those strange looking hairy blokes who ran around in their shorts and vests in the ad for a rival company.
'I let them know in no uncertain terms that if they wanted to remain with this club they had to do a damned sight better.
A compromise of 15 days fishing a month may be tough but it's a damned sight better than a pitiful seven days.
Not perfect peace but something a damned sight better than what had been.
Reid said: "Let no one mistake what I am saying - seven deaths are still seven too many, but it's a damned sight better than 500 a year and it's time that was recognised by detractors of the agreement."
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