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Try these: Bruce Springsteen, Magic; Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Damn the Torpedoes Rating PROFESSOR GREEN: Growing Up in Public IT'S really no surprise that rappers like Professor Green and Example (who guests here) provide the natural progression for teenage girls keen to grow up following tweeny infatuations with One Direction and their ilk.
All You Can Carry rides Petty's best riff since way back when, while Forgotten Man recalls those Damn The Torpedoes days.
Lohr, award-winning screenwriter, essayist and critic, and co-author of the critically acclaimed screenwriting book "Dan O'Bannon's Guide to Screenplay Structure," proudly announces the "launch" of Damn the Torpedoes Entertainment.
But it looks like as long as Obama remains in office, nuclear will remain a big part of our near term energy future, damn the torpedoes.
However, he also released Damn the Torpedoes in 1979, with his band the Heartbreakers.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Damn The Torpedoes (Backstreet/Geffen/UMe), one of the greatest albums in rock history, has been expanded and remastered for a 2-CD Deluxe Edition.
Dumb it down, de-spec it within an inch of its life and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
At 59 years old, I like to think what's right is right and damn the torpedoes," Mr.
You dance with the girl who brung ya, you don't change horses in mid- stream and when thrown for a curve, by all means: damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
That attitude suggests a damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead approach.
Doing their own thing, they became multimillionaires by accident, damn the complainers and damn the torpedoes.
He was so full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes -- he brought new meaning to the phrase from our Paulist training "zeal for souls.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the greatest albums in rock history gets even better with the November 9 release on Backstreet/Geffen/UMe of the expanded and remastered Deluxe Edition of Damn The Torpedoes from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Along with GREATEST HITS, the available complete albums are the double platinum DAMN THE TORPEDOES (1979), platinum HARD PROMISES (1981), gold LONG AFTER DARK (1982), platinum SOUTHERN ACCENTS (1985), live PACK UP THE PLANTATION (1986), gold LET ME UP (I've Had Enough) (1987), five times platinum FULL MOON FEVER (1989) and double platinum INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN (1991).
If the council wants to hire Mader to pilot its own sinking ship, then damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.