a (damn) sight better

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a (damn) sight better

Quite a lot better (than a different person, thing, or condition). "Damn" is used to emphasize how much better someone or something is. The car should run a damn sight better now that you have the tires aligned properly. So far our new intern has been a sight better than our last one.
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(damn) sight better

Rur. much better. Mary can sing a damn sight better than Tom can. You look a sight better with your hair cut short.
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a (damn, etc.) sight ˈbetter, ˈworse, etc. (than somebody/something)

(informal) a lot better, etc. (than somebody/something): Life would be a sight easier if we had a little more money!A car that big would use a darn sight more petrol than ours.
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References in classic literature ?
"O'Toole or McCarthy would suit your mug a damn sight better. Unless, very likely, there's an Irishman in your mother's woodpile."
That record doesn't exactly make you want to cartwheel down to the bookies and back him blindly on slow ground, but it's a damn sight better than his record of 0-14 away from it.
And the Warriors winger admits being 'second class' is on their mind - which is a damn sight better than they were three months ago!
Fast forward to the present day and the way the land lies at the Stadium of Light is a damn sight better. This is now a club with fresh hope again, both on and off the pitch.
"We walked with him to our next hot spot, fed him some hot food and soon had him on his way with new dry clothes, shoes, blanket, plenty of snacks and food and feeling a damn sight better than when we met him."
We've got to win some games and be a damn sight better than we were at Spennymoor," said the boss.
He added: "I have to say I've talked to every player in there and they all know they have to do a damn sight better than they did last season -- everybody.
Radiotherapy, colostomy bag, tumour removal, ilesotomy bag, chemotherapy and 6 months recovery - a damn sight better to get the test and get cleared.
"Missing the penalty possibly affected our belief and confidence for the next 15 or 20 minutes, when I think it was their (West Ham's) best spell - because 2-0 is a damn sight better than 1-0.
And they'd be the first to tell you, it's a damn sight better now than it was then!
On Friday afternoon the latest Non Farm Payrolls figure will be unleashed in the US and with the Fed seemingly set on reducing asset purchases, the jobs data could do with being a damn sight better than last month's abysmal figure.
People often ask me "how do you feel about ageing and being in your 50s?" I tell you what, it's a damn sight better than the alternative.