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"DAMN.," which reached number one on the US albums chart, moves forward the conversation about race that Lamar started on his previous album, "To Pimp a Butterfly," which infused jazz and spoken word and gave voice to the Black Lives Matter movement.
During an interview with ( Mass Appeal , DJ Kid Capri, who appears on Lamar's new album, said the rapper has songs that weren't used on "DAMN."
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Sassy Gal's How to Lose the Last Damn 10 Pounds or 15, 20, 25 ...: How I told all diet gurus, fitness experts, and skinny people to go to hell.
For additional information about The Damn Salon visit
For many Americans, the phrase "God damn" is bad language and should not be heard from the pulpit.
The choreographer for the Arena Stage production of Damn Yankees, Baayork Lee, says, "Meg's a dream to work with.
The only thing I didn't have was a way to keep those damn cats out of my garden!
When she saw him the next morning and asked how he'd slept, Joe told her, "That was the best damn night's sleep I've had since I got here."
This vagueness was seen in some quarters as deeply anti-American: At the end of the season, it wasn't always clear who had won the damn thing.
After a moment, he said, "One of the great things about Ireland is there's always someone around who doesn't give a damn."
To paraphrase Mark "Twain "There are lies, damn lies and spin." In this book, lies and damn lies get a pass.
Jim Beam offers a year-long promotion supporting its DeKuyper Pucker line of schnapps, Peachtree Schnapps and Hot Damn!.
you had damn well better talk to some Nez Perce Indians....