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Mercifully, some Canadians have taken up not giving a damn as a healthy hobby and I like to count myself among them.
People who have been involved in a community for a long time may only see the same damn bunch of people, but the number of 'bunches' that are out there may be surprising.
She had on one of those shiny red dresses, sequins you call 'em, with no straps on it, and a red foxtail slung over her right shoulder damn near touching the floor.
Damn the Torpedoes will hopefully be an opportunity for all of these skills to come together, for me and my creative partners to flex our muscles in a variety of different stages media.
Jimmy McMillan, founder of the New York-based Rent Is Too Damn High political party, released a new music video this week called -- of course -- "Rent Is Too Damn High.
To help combat the epidemic of youth unemployment, DAMN Digital Studio, an interactive and branding agency in New York City, partnered with Sports Cipher, a community of sports enthusiasts, to launch the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).
Bob Knopes' biography, "Any Damn Fool Can Be A Farmer: Growing Up On A Wisconsin Farm" covers the first nineteen years of his life growing up on a dairy farm just a couple of miles north of Janesville, Wisconsin.
THE FOURTH ANNUAL DAMN AM WEEKEND came, went, and was off the chain again with another good rip ride.
After her breakthrough in Can-Can, she was hired to play the impossible-to-resist Lola in a show called Damn Yankees--choreographer, Bob Fosse.
I have fought more damn battles here for more things than any President has in twenty years," Clinton said, "with the possible exception of Reagan's first budget, and not gotten one damn bit of credit from the knee-jerk liberal press, and I am sick and tired of it, and you can put that in your damn article.
com)-- DAMN Digital Studio, an interactive and branding agency based in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York City's Digital District, is preparing updates for The Nick Versus Series, an interactive children's book, now available on the Android market.