as near as dammit

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as near as dammit

In every practical or functional sense; almost completely. Primarily heard in UK. These shoes look like the ones she saw in the magazine, as near as dammit, so I think she'll love them.
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as near as dammit (or damn it)

as close to being accurate as makes no difference. informal
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as ˌnear as ˈdammit

(also as ˌnear as makes no ˈdifference) (British English, spoken) very nearly; so nearly something or so like something that you can consider it the same: The bill for the meal was £100, as near as dammit.Here’s some paint to cover that scratch on the car. It’s not an exact match but it’s as near as makes no difference.
Dammit is a way of writing damn it (an expression showing you are annoyed or impatient)
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In my second section, I then examine the way in which Rome's material changes are absorbed and worked through cinematographically in Fellini's Toby Dammit and Roma, before moving, in the third section, to an analysis of Pasolini's Petrolio.
In Toby Dammit the encyclopedic technical devices, the rapid shifts in cinematic convention and the self consciously awkward camerawork and editing suggest that there are a multiplicity of realities in unresolved conflict.
But no, the tannins were right up there with a capital "T", and it was clear from the get-go that this was a WINE, dammit, not a bottle of jammy fruit.
Unfortunately, the scientists, fearing that non-smokers will rush to buy 20 Silk Cut to improve their brainpower, aren't, dammit, saying this.
Now, though, the millennium is coming, and dammit, we're buying whether we can afford it or not
Like the needle in the hay, his quest came down to a small matter indeed; a matter of this corner turn left and that corner turn right, of street names and numbers -- and the place he sought must, dammit, must be at hand.
Audience members can expect all the biggest songs, such as The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite and Dammit Janet.
Guest: Every day, I got criticized-it was dammit you don't, dammit you do
We know there's a whole lotta sleek going on but, dammit, sometimes only big hair will do.
Gaining inspiration from leftfield surrealists Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band and Monty Python, the songs tickle the humour gland with titles such as I Want A Moustache Dammit, Wake Up Bono, I'm Beau Brummell And I'm Just Dandy, An Ode To The Gastro Pub and The Richard Dawkins Conundrum.
Then Jason, he had done two table reads at his house previously, said, 'Just come and do this,' and I was like, 'God dammit Jason, I might break out in hives and I hate this.
It's motto was Smile Dammit Smile and, as well as spoof news stories, it was packed with bad gags such as: "A football scout from a Midland club is interested in Dan Druff from Ayr.
As we are taken with them into the bizarre world of Frank and friends - guided by legendary numbers like The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite and Dammit, Janet
The other pilot, who opened fire, weeps, saying: "God dammit.
Economy 25 kits, all costing well below 50 [pounds sterling], contain twenty absorbent pads, two "socks" and a slab of ready mix Dammit sealant for damaged and leaking tanks or drums.