as near as dammit

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as near as dammit

In every practical or functional sense; almost completely. Primarily heard in UK. These shoes look like the ones she saw in the magazine, as near as dammit, so I think she'll love them.
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as near as dammit (or damn it)

as close to being accurate as makes no difference. informal
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as ˌnear as ˈdammit

(also as ˌnear as makes no ˈdifference) (British English, spoken) very nearly; so nearly something or so like something that you can consider it the same: The bill for the meal was £100, as near as dammit.Here’s some paint to cover that scratch on the car. It’s not an exact match but it’s as near as makes no difference.
Dammit is a way of writing damn it (an expression showing you are annoyed or impatient)
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Fellini's return to Rome in films such as Toby Dammit (1968) and Roma (1972), and Pasolini's final engagement with Rome in his novel Petrolio (1972-1975, published posthumously in 1992) appear indeed to converge in the depiction of a disordered cityscape, in which the dichotomy between center and periphery--between an inside and an outside of the postmodern city--is progressively disappearing.
Drink and breathe dammit, we'll all soon die So live in the now or
"God dammit," replies the other pilot, who had opened fire.
Fellini's Toby Dammit, a forty minute film made in 1968, is one of three short films adapted from stories by Edgar Allan Poe that were distributed together in Italy as Tre Passi Nel Delirio, in France as Histories Extraordinaires, and in England and the U.S.
Of course, it's America, dammit, and our artists, native or Canadian, for the president or against him, are free to say whatever they want about whomever they want.
Two: Dammit!/This world is so mercurial,/so entertaining/and so kind/that it starts reminding me/of the house of a hanged man!/And I am giggling./I am wandering the streets/with some friend of mine/who figures out the cunning game/and then guess what their legs are like./And I am giggling?//Yet how I feel like talking about the rope!/Ah, how I feel like talking about the rope!?
and yelling "slide, dammit, slide." But I recall few moments with
From Paris to Palookaville, on a non-stop trip, and dammit, we are going to be commercially triumphant--for a change.
Stored in robust colour coded containers, wheeled bins or simple "economy" boxes, kits consist of absorbent pads, "socks" and cushions is differing combinations together with Dammit sealant for damaged and leaking tanks and drums, Dammit mats for emergency drain sealing, goggles and protective gloves.
Suzanne Westenhoefer appeared on Ani DiFranco's Vote Dammit Tour
Dammit, Huntington, show a little patience with techno-electro-challenged geezers like John Taffin and me.
This is important, dammit. I've better things to do with my time than watch 'it'll fit a gap' garbage
What you have to say--God dammit, What do you have to say?
But, dammit, I couldn't have raised $30 million like Bradley."
Despite its assiduous pursuit of all the nineteenth century poetic vices, the work is of interest not only for its patent sincerity, nor for the fact that -- dammit -- it's moving, but also because Parkes clearly saw the cause of the `Terrorist' party as coextensive with that of an independent Australia.