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Dame Partington and her mop

Someone staunchly opposed to progress or reform, even when it is inevitable. The phrase is thought to have originated from stories in 19th-century England of a woman who kept trying to get water out of her flooded home during a storm before finally evacuating. I can't believe you're still fighting against that new tax! Stop being like Dame Partington and her mop and just accept change!
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dizzy with a dame

old-fashioned Obsessed or preoccupied with a woman, usually romantically. I hardly see Paul at all these days—he must be dizzy with a dame or something.
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forays via television series have been abortive, and in truth the dame was not at her best playing host to various film and TV personalities in her chat-show tryouts on Fox and NBC.
In the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly for Winter 1999, Ralph McInerny, Professor at Notre Dame, describes the ritual dance and toothless compromises between the bishops and the theologians, and their avoidance of #812 of the Code of Canon Law, which figured prominently in a more recent Apostolic Letter, Ad tuendam fidem (see Catholic Insight, October 1998, pp.
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NICKNAMED "The Fighting Irish", Notre Dame (the Dame rhymes with came, rather than ham, as in Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, which came perilously close to burning down earlier this year) are one of the biggest names in American sport.
The character's last major TV project was ITV talk show The Dame Edna Treatment in 2007.
Let's suppose that the experience of visiting or recalling Notre Dame makes people about twice as happy as they would otherwise be over that time period, which means, in effect, an extra hour spent in Notre Dame, or in recalling one's visit, is as good as extending someone's life by an hour.
Further, the night when the Notre Dame caught fire the all Paris became worried about it.
Paris City Hall held its own thank you ceremony as well, holding a Bach violin concert and readings of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."
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On Monday morning, French authorities confirmed that around 400 firefighters have totally extinguished the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, around nine hours of battling the blaze that burnt the 850-year-old cathedral's entire roof and its distinguished spire.
However, in 1921, the convent was visited by Eric Gill, a great British exponent of art deco, and he spotted the depth of Dame Werburg's talent.
7 -- Heisman Trophy winners produced by the University of Notre Dame football program.
Now back in print in a paperback edition, "Notre Dame vs.
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