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dally over (something)

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dallying over this book report, you'll be up all night!
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dally with (one)

To flirt with one. Oh, don't pay any attention to Nick—he dallies with every girl that comes into the store.
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dilly-dally (around) with (someone or something)

To waste time with someone or something. You spent so much time dilly-dallying with your friends that now you'll be up all night writing that paper.
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dally over something

to waste time or take too long doing something. Don't dally over your food. Eat your dinner. I wish you wouldn't dally over your homework.
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dally with someone

to flirt with someone; to waste time with someone of the opposite sex. (Old.) Sam is dallying with that Johnson girl again. Stop dallying with her and get back to your studies!
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dilly-dally (around) with someone or something

to waste time frivolously with someone or something. Stop dilly dallying around with your friends. He is always dilly-dallying around with his work.
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While the employer is dilly dallying and biting his nails about an employee who is not working out or is planning to open his or her own business, the employee is staying late and copying computer discs and Xeroxing documents.
Whether you're dallying over your dress, desperate to know how to do your make-up, not sure which cake to choose, or wondering where in the world you'll hold the ceremony, we can help.
Today, I'm dallying on the border waiting for the verdict.
The white supremacist told Dundee's Lord Provost he was "dallying with a cannibal".
"Thy doom is sealed - get ye hence from the wondrous city whose good name thou has be- smirched through dallying with the cannibal Mandela.
He was on warp-factor six when he blithered: "Poland are dawdling, dillying and dallying. C'mon, England, show 'em the way to go home!"