dally with

dally with (one)

To flirt with one. Oh, don't pay any attention to Nick—he dallies with every girl that comes into the store.
See also: dally

dally with someone

to flirt with someone; to waste time with someone of the opposite sex. (Old.) Sam is dallying with that Johnson girl again. Stop dallying with her and get back to your studies!
See also: dally
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TASTY: Longmoor pupils Meghan Willis and Katie Whearty helped judge the food MASTER CHEF: Winner Julie Dally with competitors Anne Capeling and Dawn Lewis and judges Suzanne Halsall, Brian Heron, Meghan Willis and Katie Whearty Picture: GAVIN TRAFFORD
HAPPY TIME Nita Dally with newborn daughter Fiona in 1965.
Ending the first act was the New York premiere of Noche, a decidedly abstract postmodern dance choreographed by Dally with video design by Dennis Diamond.
It was a day that Picasso chose to dally with nine friends, some old and some new, in the cafes of Montparnasse.
another Kaleidoscope evening that featured California masters, closed with more recent pieces by Rudy Perez and by Lynn Dally with her Jazz Tap Ensemble.