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dally over (something)

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dallying over this book report, you'll be up all night!
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dally with (one)

To flirt with one. Oh, don't pay any attention to Nick—he dallies with every girl that comes into the store.
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dilly-dally (around) with (someone or something)

To waste time with someone or something. You spent so much time dilly-dallying with your friends that now you'll be up all night writing that paper.
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dally over something

to waste time or take too long doing something. Don't dally over your food. Eat your dinner. I wish you wouldn't dally over your homework.
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dally with someone

to flirt with someone; to waste time with someone of the opposite sex. (Old.) Sam is dallying with that Johnson girl again. Stop dallying with her and get back to your studies!
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dilly-dally (around) with someone or something

to waste time frivolously with someone or something. Stop dilly dallying around with your friends. He is always dilly-dallying around with his work.
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| Anthony McNamee, of Nelson Drive, Newport was sentenced to 10 years in prison; | Ryan McNamee, of Dunstable Road, Newport, was sentenced to seven years and four months imprisonment; | Dally, of Edward German Crescent, Newport, was sentenced to five years behind bars; | Seer, of Britten Close, Newport, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment ; | Boora, of Lynton Road South, Gravesend, Kent, was locked up for six years and eight months; | Appleton, of Balfe Road, Newport, was jailed for six years; | Taylor, of Risca Road, Newport, was sentenced to six years behind bars; and | Moss, of Wye Crescent, Newport, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
However, in a (https://www.facebook.com/celina.feith/videos/1577259412331351/) Facebook live video , Dally said she wants another issue to be at the forefront of the discussion: cyberbullying.
Andrew Dally from Middle Harbour Yacht Club commented: "We're ecstatic with our win--it's our first one--and with the Hobart coming up, it's good news."
Surviving Webster are his wife June; three children from June's previous marriage, Mark (Sandy) Dally of Bowling Green, OH, Dr.
If inactive people were to do low-volume dally exercise, one in six deaths could be postponed by their reduced risk of dying, the authors report.
Hammoudi Abbas and the Director-General of Iraq's state-owned General Company for Car Industries, had confirmed Minister Dally's readiness to study the request of the German Company to conclude a partnership deal with Iraq's General Company for Car Industries.
The skateboarder was not hurt and he was not arrested, but Dally says his parents were notified and that detectives are investigating.
ALL SMILES: Friends and neighbours at Sidmouth Close (above left), Nuneaton; mums and daughters (top) in Kendal Close, enjoy themselves and Kendal Close street party organiser Helen Williams gets ready for a soaking from neighbours THREE CHEERS: The girls who organised the full-of-fun street party at The Larches in Exhall, (above, from left) Kayleigh Dally, Harleen Hayer and Hanna Latham; (above right, from left) Harleen Hayer, Rebecca Hayward, with four-monthold son Charlie, and Aman Kharbow, with three-year-old daughter Jaiya and (right) Sam Hinds (front, left) and Tom Dally (front, right) are cut out to look like the royal couple, as they join in the celebrations
Commandant Mr Dally Jamir and his team in particular for their initiatives and efforts in organizing such Mock Drill Exercise.
Dally, a native of Shetland, is responsible for the race's first visit to the islands since 1999.
Dally will be responsible for all Alfa Romeo brand advertising and communication, product planning and economics.
Mr Dally said he had experienced 'nothing on this scale', adding if a firework hit nearby houses, it would have been 'catastrophic'.
Dally is reported to have reiterated his stance by stating that parallel computing remains the hub of Nvidia's GPU architecture and that dual, quad- and hex-core solutions are inefficient.
Of 253 outpatients who were screened, 164 were either titrated to the target dose of memantine ER 28 mg daily over 4 weeks (75 of the 128 patients in this group completed the trial) or were switched from twice dally, immediate-release memantine 10 mg (23 of 36 patients completed the trial).
BAGHDAD: Dally, a 19-year-old Iraqi, braves unruly customers and social condemnation when she takes to the stage in revealing belly-dancing garb at a Baghdad nightclub each night.