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dally over (something)

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dallying over this book report, you'll be up all night!
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dally with (one)

To flirt with one. Oh, don't pay any attention to Nick—he dallies with every girl that comes into the store.
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dilly-dally (around) with (someone or something)

To waste time with someone or something. You spent so much time dilly-dallying with your friends that now you'll be up all night writing that paper.

dally over something

to waste time or take too long doing something. Don't dally over your food. Eat your dinner. I wish you wouldn't dally over your homework.
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dally with someone

to flirt with someone; to waste time with someone of the opposite sex. (Old.) Sam is dallying with that Johnson girl again. Stop dallying with her and get back to your studies!
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dilly-dally (around) with someone or something

to waste time frivolously with someone or something. Stop dilly dallying around with your friends. He is always dilly-dallying around with his work.
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2 : to waste time <I dallied at my desk and didn't finish my homework.
To check how timing affects choosiness, the investigators tracked how long females dallied in courtship before accepting a male.
Kluver has gathered the full meteorological picture of that day, tracked the path of the sun and graphed this data onto the two rolls of photographs Cocteau exposed in order to determine exactly when, where, and with whom they dallied.
The sepia tone and somewhat battered air of this piece appear to indicate that this is a mold of a mattress that has done its earthly duty, and is now inexorably invested with the memory of those who reclined and/or dallied upon it.