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(one's) daily bread

One's means of living, i.e., food and money. No, working in a canning factory isn't exactly glamorous, but you've got to earn your daily bread somehow. The new universal basic income initiative is intended to provide every citizen their daily bread, even if they've fallen on hard times. It's time for you to earn your daily bread and stop relying on your parents for money.
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(one's) daily constitutional

A walk taken to enhance one's health, usually done every day. Harold and I are going out for our daily constitutional—care to join us? If you're stressed, exercise might be help. Why don't you come with me on my daily constitutional? Grandma swears by her daily constitutional and believes it's the reason why she doesn't have to use a walker.

daily dozen

An exercise routine that is done every day. The phrase originally referred to 12 specific exercises but is often used more broadly. I always feel better after I do my daily dozen, thanks to the endorphins.
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daily grind

One's daily work routine, especially when it is tiresome. I'm so thrilled to be off next week—I really need a break from the daily grind.
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earn (one's) daily bread

To do work of any kind for a living; to earn money by some means. No, working in a canning factory isn't exactly glamorous, but I've got to earn my daily bread somehow. I hear Janet is earning her daily bread with an investment firm in Tokyo now.
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on a daily basis

Once or more each day. I've been going for a run on a daily basis for nearly two years now. Please make sure that the bathrooms are cleaned on a daily basis.
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the daily round

The tasks or activities that one typically does every day. When you have kids, the daily round contains an exhausting amount of cleaning. Clothes, dishes, toys—it never ends!
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daily dozen

Fig. physical exercises done every day. My brother always feels better after his daily dozen. She would rather do a daily dozen than go on a diet.
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daily grind

[someone's] everyday work routine. I'm getting very tired of the daily grind. When my vacation was over, I had to go back to the daily grind.
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daily dozen

Physical exercise, as in Helen walks two miles every morning-that's her daily dozen. This term originally referred to a set of twelve specific calisthenic exercises to be performed every day. They were devised by a famous Yale University football coach, Walter Camp (1859-1925), and came into general use in the early 1900s. Despite the physical fitness craze of the late 1900s, these exercises and their name are no longer taken literally, but the term survives in a very general way.
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your daily ˈbread

the food or money that you need to live: Each one of us has to earn our daily bread somehow.
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daily dozen

n. a short set of daily exercises. I need to do my daily dozen before breakfast.
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daily grind

n. the tedious pattern of daily work. (see also rat race.) Well, it’s Monday. Time to start another week of the daily grind.
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