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1. adjective Pretentiously snobbish or elitist. I'd rather not go to some la-di-da restaurant and get overpriced rabbit food. Let's just get pizza.
2. interjection A sarcastic and derisive phrase meant to mock what one perceives as pretentious or overly refined. Well, la-di-da, look at Mr. Fancy in his new suit. Wow, you were on student council? La-di-da!


1. mod. casual; relaxed and uncaring. She’s not all that calm about her possessions, but she is very lah-di-dah with men.
2. interj. a jeer; a mocking response. So you have a new car! Well, lah-di-dah.
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I respect this guy [Mayweather] a lot, and I would do anything for him to accept this offer to fight against Amir Khan here in Dubai," Al Dah said.
Slaves are denied secular education, and religion permeates the culture," Alexis Okeowo wrote in a New Yorker profile of Dah Abeid in September 2014.
under the $2 billion MTN programme of Dah Sing Bank, Dah Sing MTN
The New Kabul Project covers some areas of Dah Sabz district of Kabul and Bagram district of central Parwan province.
Furthermore, the unpredictable nature of DAH discourages governments from making long-term commitments to health spending, whereas the lack of such commitments increases the likelihood of aid intended for healthcare being used elsewhere in the budget.
31 January 2012 - Hong Kong-based Dah Sing Bank Ltd (HKG:2356) has picked HSBC (LON:HSBA) to help it with its planned Singapore dollar-denominated bond issue, Bloomberg said today, citing a person in the know.
Doha Film Institute (DFI) music video workshop winner Bayan Dah Dah from Palestine directed the video which featured a Qatari and Egyptian nationals as lead actors.
Dubai Eisa Al Dah, the UAE's only professional boxer has tasted
Haifa's former business manager Hamada Ismael had sold the song "Ayh Dah Ayh Dah Al Sawt Dah Jai Minain" (What is this where is this noise coming from) to Rula Saed as a revenge against Haifa for not renewing her contract with him after it ended.
2-3) In this report we present a case of ENL with DAH which was successfully treated by pulsed methyprednisolone.
Summary: TE[umlaut]touan - HM King Mohammed VI received, on Thursday at the royal palace of TE[umlaut]touan (northern Morocco), Niger's minister of secondary and higher education and scientific research, government spokesperson Mahamane Laouali Dan Dah, bearer of a message from Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, State President Salou Djibo.
Singer with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, he was also one quarter of Beatles parody band, The Rutles, as well as the unofficial seventh member of Monty Python.
Florida pompano undergo metamorphosis at 24 DAH at 15 mm TL and can easily transition to dry feeds (McMaster, 1988).