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1. adjective Pretentiously snobbish or elitist. I'd rather not go to some la-di-da restaurant and get overpriced rabbit food. Let's just get pizza.
2. interjection A sarcastic and derisive phrase meant to mock what one perceives as pretentious or overly refined. Well, la-di-da, look at Mr. Fancy in his new suit. Wow, you were on student council? La-di-da!
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1. mod. casual; relaxed and uncaring. She’s not all that calm about her possessions, but she is very lah-di-dah with men.
2. interj. a jeer; a mocking response. So you have a new car! Well, lah-di-dah.
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"Money will always be against conservation," laments Al Dah. "As we demolish we increase the urban density of the city.
DAH is associated with primary vasculitis (due to conditions such as microscopic polyarteritis, Wegener's granulomatosis, and Churg-Strauss syndrome) and secondary vasculitis accompanying connective tissue diseases (such as SLE and malignant rheumatoid arthritis) [7].
In a systematic review of 174 episodes of DAH in SLE, corticosteroids were almost universally used.
"The whole point of ICMS is to standardise the reporting, so clients can see, for each type of construction, what the cost would be," Al Dah explained.
In the 2nd ratoon, the cultivar IACSP94-2094 also showed the highest number of stalks in three evaluations, at 33, 123 and 186 DAH. Only in the last evaluation, at 400 DAH, the cultivar IACSP94-2101 showed the highest value in comparison to the others.
Between the 9th and 10th dah (7.8 mm SL), the first vertebral centrum (VC) that showed a slight ossification were those corresponding to the pre-caudal region of the vertebral column (Fig.
On the 3rd DAH, the eye with pigmented retina, gill arches, swim bladder, pectoral fin and caudal fin were observed and the mouth was open and in the sub-terminal position, similar to descriptions by Godinho and Godinho (2003).
Eleonore Chow, Chief Executive Officer of Dah Sing Life, said, "Despite the advances in medical technology nowadays, cancer treatment and the journey to recovery is still a long hard road which involves a huge sum of expenses.
The trial has just begun for three more of Dah Abeid's colleagues in the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA), the group he founded.
assigned a B2 (hyb) rating to Dah Sing Bank's proposed subordinated
KABUL (PAN): The authorities of New Kabul Development Project on Saturday announced to inaugurate construction work on the major project in Dah Sabz area soon.
Development assistance for health (DAH) has increased by a factor of five over the past two decades, up from US$5.82 billion in 1990 to US$27.73 billion in 2011.