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rattle (one's) dags

To hurry up; to get moving or working; to do something with increased energy, intensity, or effort. Primarily heard in Canada. Come on, rattle your dags—we need to get this project finished! I'm calling on all my fellow citizens to rattle their dags and show the government that we want this legislation overturned.
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rattle your dags

If you tell someone to rattle their dags, you mean that they should hurry. Come on, rattle your dags or we'll be late! Note: `Dags' are pieces of dried waste on the tail of a sheep that make a rattling noise if the sheep runs.
See also: dag, rattle
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rattle your dags

hurry up. Australian & New Zealand informal
Dags are the excreta-clotted lumps of wool at the rear end of a sheep, which, in heavily fouled animals, rattle as they run.
See also: dag, rattle
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