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be as daft as a brush

slang To act in a strange or silly way. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
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(as) daft as a brush

slang Strange or silly. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
See also: brush, daft

daft as a brush

If someone is as daft as a brush, they are very silly or stupid. She was as daft as a brush. Couldn't say anything with any sense in it. Note: This expression may have come from `as soft as a brush', as both `soft' and `daft' can mean stupid. Alternatively, it could have come from a fuller version, `as daft as a brush without bristles'.
See also: brush, daft

(as) ˌdaft as a ˈbrush

(British English, spoken) (of a person) very silly
See also: brush, daft
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The daftness of Helen Flanagan, the mickey-taking MP Nadine Dorries or how Colin Baker is so unrecognisable from his Dr Who youthfulness?
And if the dodgy lines are a bit over-the-top, the American ad agency Opperman Weiss's explanation for the daftness is even worse.
Basically, I'll just miss the general daftness - which this week included an appearance by Eddie's hero, Ian Rush.
The customizable nature of the game gives it legs and lastability and the general daftness of the whole pets as Sims idea is quirky and fun.
The Reckoning is beset on all sides by daftness, with flimsy fiction propped up by one dimensional characters and cheap plot tricks.
Themadcap trio's hectic brand of imagination-firing daftness is in vogue and being silly is now fashionable again, but for Pappy's they say it's all about pure escapism.
To penalise these significant interests for the sake of a few, self-employed jockeys who should be capable of organising their lives better would be daftness in the extreme.
That only proves how daft football's become, so perhaps five grand a share to control the daftness ourselves is not a bad idea.
Most people said in passing words to the effect that there was still daftness in the North of Belfast and that there was still work to do.
It's daftness done deadpan and exuberant medium rare with all the trimmings of an awkward Luton Englishness painfully observed.
When is the electorate going to wake up to the fact that it could be daftness to vote for a party just for the reason that that party has made at least one pre-election promise?
Perhaps even the American people will realise their kind of government is just a joke; and there's more to freedom than the daftness of the American dream which keeps 40 million of them trapped in poverty.
To its credit, the show acknowledges its period daftness with Pasquale working his socks off (pun intended) to get everyone through to the final curtain in some semblance of jollity.
It's all done with deliberate continuity boobs, overacting, obvious props like a fake lion and much daftness, but it's not funny or clever enough to sustain your interest.
When the time is right, I'll be ready to return and, hopefully, adrenalin and a wee bit of daftness will come into it and make the pain less severe.