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(as) daft as a brush

slang Strange or silly. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
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be as daft as a brush

slang To act in a strange or silly way. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
See also: brush, daft
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daft as a brush

If someone is as daft as a brush, they are very silly or stupid. She was as daft as a brush. Couldn't say anything with any sense in it. Note: This expression may have come from `as soft as a brush', as both `soft' and `daft' can mean stupid. Alternatively, it could have come from a fuller version, `as daft as a brush without bristles'.
See also: brush, daft
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(as) ˌdaft as a ˈbrush

(British English, spoken) (of a person) very silly
See also: brush, daft
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"I just thought 'what's the daftest thing I can do?' I'm scared of heights, I can't even go down the escalator at the Haymarket Metro but it's something I'm determined to do."
Thomas Miller's barrister told Liverpool Crown Court: "It is the daftest thing he has ever done and he knows it is the most serious mistake he has ever made."
A SPEKE man who committed the "daftest" act of his life by making bomb hoax calls was yesterday jailed for four months.
His latest proposal is so radical he might just win an award for it - for daftest idea ever.
The building of a new BBC headquarters on what is a very well established bus station has to be the daftest idea to date.
Christians slaughtered each other in millions, for the daftest of reasons.
AHOY, me hearties It's TalK LiKe A Pirate Day on Thursday, the daftest commemoration day in anyone's calendar.
The daftest moment has to be one that is straight out of a comic book when Diesel carries out some jaw-droppingly impossible mid-air heroics to save Michelle Rodriguez.
* Picnic Rug Long Grass - pounds 30, www.thecamouflagecompany.com This is likely to be one of the daftest things you've seen, but pop your peeled egg into this smart gadget and it'll be transformed into a cube shape.
GOLF bosses have finally scrapped the daftest rule in the game which has harshly cost stars such as Rory McIlroy on the big stage.
Luke Peacock The daftest is Shard End into Meriden.
The 3.05 is wide open and Iver Bridge Lad wouldn't be the daftest rag given his liking for the track and a strong pace.
Tel: 01429 279999 For opening times log onto www.dominos.co.uk This is probably the daftest promotion we've ever run - but we're giving you the chance to win your HEIGHT in Domino's Pizza!
LOTTO bosses celebrating the game's 15th anniversary last night revealed a list of the 10 DAFTEST applications for good causes grants.
I am not against public art per se, but of all the ideas that could have been considered, this one must be the daftest yet.