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(as) daft as a brush

slang Strange or silly. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
See also: brush, daft

be as daft as a brush

slang To act in a strange or silly way. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
See also: brush, daft
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daft as a brush

If someone is as daft as a brush, they are very silly or stupid. She was as daft as a brush. Couldn't say anything with any sense in it. Note: This expression may have come from `as soft as a brush', as both `soft' and `daft' can mean stupid. Alternatively, it could have come from a fuller version, `as daft as a brush without bristles'.
See also: brush, daft
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(as) ˌdaft as a ˈbrush

(British English, spoken) (of a person) very silly
See also: brush, daft
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