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It was suggested multiple times before the current series that curvy girls and guys with dad bods were going to be moving into the villa.
Or ballroom dancers Dad bods, single parents, over 30's, over 40's even!
Fan Kenny Keith was among those who took a light-hearted view, saying: "Ruiz has inspired a generation of sloppy dad bods like myself.
Yet "dad bod" fighter Ruiz produced one of sport's biggest ever upsets by taking Joshua's world heavyweight titles, leaving the beaten man "gutted" but promising: "I shall return."
And that's how Lulofs ended up front and center on the "2019 Barbecue Boy Toys" calendar featuring some well-fed "dad bods."
Planet Fitness launched an unusual marketing campaign before Father's Day to promote their trademarked "judgment free zone." In a press release entitled "Gut Check," the Hampton-based publicly traded fitness chain reported on the results of a member survey on "dad bods."
The swimsuit comes in various shades of nude so that anyone can sport dad bods:
Dad bods were nowhere to be seen at the Cosmopolitan Carnival 2015 and thankfully so.
Dad Bods don't need 19-year-old women bigging them up.
The calendar includes 12 different men with "dad bods" in various boudoir poses eating barbecue.
And if that is too much like hard work, just appreciate Simon Donaldson and Grant O'Rourke shaking their dad bods to Living On The Ceiling by Blancmange.
MUCH fuss is made of women getting back into shape after giving birth, but I read a tongue-in-cheek article last week about the post-baby dad bods of celebrities and how they get their figure back after their partner gives birth.
| FIRST there was the "dad bod", now comes "dad hair".