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not your dad's

Very modern or updated; no longer what an older generation would expect or be used to. With every building now featuring wireless Internet and touch-screen monitors integrated into the desks in each classroom, this is certainly not your dad's high school anymore.
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deadbeat dad

Slang A father who is not involved in the lives of his child(ren), physically and/or monetarily. Don't be a deadbeat dad, Sean—go see your kids this weekend! I'm no deadbeat dad, I make all of my child support payments!
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dad fetch my buttons

Oh my goodness! An exclamation of surprise. Dad fetch my buttons, I didn't expect such an outpouring of support from y'all!
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Dad fetch my buttons!

Rur. What a surprise!; Goodness me! Dad fetch my buttons! It's a letter from Aunt Rita! Dad fetch my buttons, I never was so happy in all my life!
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Dad started cooking, while Todd and I contemplated a good wrestle for Dad to referee.
HOPKINS Andrew Happy father's day bear, best dad ever.
BLISSETT Dennis Thank you for everything XX Celia BOWEN Leighton Happy Dads day from your little Pud xxxx BRIDGEMAN Grant Happy Father's Day Stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong New Hope CC BROWN Andrew Happy Fathers Day Stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong New Hope CC BROWN Colin Happy Fathers Day Grandad Love you millions.
All our love & kisses Camron & Mason x x PETER GREEN Thank you for being the best dad a girl could wish for
For the dad who's a fitness fanatic, choose from a great range of fitness equipment, including treadmills, weights and accessories from leading brands including York, Everlast and Kettler.
A whopping 80% of millennial dads claim primary or shared grocery shopping responsibility, compared to 45% of all dads.
So he decided to create an iPhone app for new dads that would serve up quick, bite-sized tips, covering all aspects of having a baby, warts and all.
Don't tell him he looks like crooner dad Billy Ray, 50.
Take 30% off $299 or more when you purchase any Rich Dad series of books and products.
If your dad has a long way to commute to his workplace, we suggest get him the Plants Vs.
The deal is that "if dad keeps her heart, he'll be there so mom can keep her mind.
And my son's dad looks after him for several hours every day, soothes him back to sleep when he wakes up and generally adores his little boy.
In a poll of 500 six to 15-year-olds, two thirds of youngsters said they long for their dad to spend more time with them.
Holmberg, A Day with Dad is a simple children's picturebook about a boy named Tim who shares the day with his dad.