dabble in (something)

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dabble in (something)

To do something sporadically or as a hobby. Oh, I only dabbled in painting when I was younger—it's not like I went to art school or anything.
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dabble in something

to be involved in something in a casual manner. She dabbled in local politics for a while. I want to dabble in something new for a while.
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dabble in

To do some activity occasionally, superficially, or without ambition: I've dabbled in painting, but I'm not very good.
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References in classic literature ?
Franklin's universal genius, dabbling in everything, dabbled in what he called "decorative painting." He had invented, he informed us, a new mixture to moisten paint with, which he described as a "vehicle." What it was made of, I don't know.
It happened that an Isosceles of a low type, with a brain little if at all above four degrees -- accidentally dabbling in the colours of some Tradesman whose shop he had plundered -- painted himself, or caused himself to be painted (for the story varies) with the twelve colours of a Dodecagon.
Although the early September weather was sultry, her arm, from her dabbling in the curds, was as cold and damp to his mouth as a new-gathered mushroom, and tasted of the whey.
Indeed, the West must also realize that their dabbling in Nepali politics to the point of competing with the neighborhood will not serve them ultimately but it is the Nepali politicians that must impress this.
And, while he and the rest of the Furries are no strangers to dabbling in musical side-projects, Ciaran also admits that working alone for this album was an odd experience.
London, Feb 28 ( ANI ): Freida Pinto may be dabbling in international cinema and enjoying the life of an actress, but she says that somewhere down the line, she would like to get married and be a mother.
Youths as young as 13 had been intimidating neighbours, dabbling in drugs and had vandalised a children's play area bordered by the two streets.
That's when she started dabbling in this miaow miaow stuff.
Insurers that own banks are dabbling in reverse mortgages, a fast-growing but still small business in the United States.
Dabbling in an unfamiliar area of practice greatly increases the likelihood that we will be ignorant of the law--often with sad results.
There are stories of three strikes, told from different viewpoints (including a scab!), and with varying levels of success that make for great reading, explaining along the way some of the ins and outs of commercial fishing and dabbling in working class, lefty politics, and DIY culture.
It appears, though, that people are dabbling in yoga--going from one class or one style to another without staying with one system or teacher long enough to reap the deeper benefits that come with long term practice," says Cindy Dollar of One Center Yoga, also in Asheville.
Reichs is becoming a serious writer and not just an expert dabbling in storytelling.
Being an actor and director and dabbling in politics do not imbue you with the powers of persuasion that a full-time historian and thinker can bring to the table.