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dabble at (something)

To do something without much effort or enthusiasm. I know you're just dabbling at cleaning your room because every pile of clothes is still on the floor. We didn't get much done because we just dabbled at the project all afternoon.
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dabble in (something)

To do something sporadically or as a hobby. Oh, I only dabbled in painting when I was younger—it's not like I went to art school or anything.
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dabble at something

to play at doing something; to do something halfheartedly. Don't just dabble at your history paper. Settle down and do it right. She dabbles at painting.
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dabble in something

to be involved in something in a casual manner. She dabbled in local politics for a while. I want to dabble in something new for a while.
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dabble in

To do some activity occasionally, superficially, or without ambition: I've dabbled in painting, but I'm not very good.
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The new album is spread across two top discs - the first mixed by Alex Kidd and Shan dabbles in hard trance and hard dance hardstyle; the easier going disc two explores house party music as touted by the Trophy Twins and Kris James.
She regrets that she has rarely been asked about her private world, but in real life she plays the viola de gamba, does crossword puzzles, and dabbles in singing and ballroom dancing.
The company also dabbles in natural gas distribution, fishing, retail and even insurance.
Since he was a political science major, his interests are non-fiction (history related) and he also dabbles in a broad range of mystery tales, as well as some business subjects.
Today, he practices yoga and dabbles in photography when he isn't whipping out maps.
He also owns a brownstone and dabbles in real estate.)
Mark dabbles with speed dating and Jeremy braces himself for the arrival of his mother.