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dabble at (something)

To do something without much effort or enthusiasm. I know you're just dabbling at cleaning your room because every pile of clothes is still on the floor. We didn't get much done because we just dabbled at the project all afternoon.
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dabble in (something)

To do something sporadically or as a hobby. Oh, I only dabbled in painting when I was younger—it's not like I went to art school or anything.
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dabble at something

to play at doing something; to do something halfheartedly. Don't just dabble at your history paper. Settle down and do it right. She dabbles at painting.
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dabble in something

to be involved in something in a casual manner. She dabbled in local politics for a while. I want to dabble in something new for a while.
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dabble in

To do some activity occasionally, superficially, or without ambition: I've dabbled in painting, but I'm not very good.
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Boyd, an opera singer who won NBC's "America's Got Talent" and dabbled in Missouri politics, died Sunday, June 10, 2018, at his mother's house in Sikeston, Mo.
During Morgan's interview with the 1984 Olympic champions, Dean admitted: "We may have dabbled slightly but...
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dabbled in illicit drugs in his youth and alienated colleagues but still commanded universal respect, interviews conducted by the FBI in the 1990s reveal.
SHOCK: Welsh classical music singer Katherine Jenkins has revealed that she dabbled in drugs as a teenager Picture: Andrew Davies
Q: Five or six years ago, you were a comedian who dabbled in political subject matter.
In addition to painting works of art, these two extraordinary men dabbled in something you've probably done several times in your art classes: cut-paper collage.
During the early 1900s, the budding entrepreneur dabbled with homemade remedies and other products to cure a scalp ailment that caused hair loss.
The fact that this man dabbled in homosexuality and wife-swapping seems to be no impediment to critical acclaim,.
It was in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, just over 50 years ago that Murdoch, fresh from Oxford University (where he dabbled in left-wing politics) began his career after his father's unexpected death.
A FORMER security guard who dabbled in shares left pounds 125,000 to a school orchestra he loved listening to while he worked.
As people dabbled, they came up with a handful of names for the odd structures, including "negative bubbles" and "inverted bubbles."
Oliver said his lather had dabbled in metalcasting a little bit, casting lead fishing sinkers.
Goldstein even dabbled in Libertarian politics in New York and Miami.
Nobody dabbled more egregiously this past season than the French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, whose Helikopter took my annual prize for noise pollution.
The cyberstock millionairess from North Little Rock has dabbled with several home buys since returning from California last year.