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dabble at (something)

To do something without much effort or enthusiasm. I know you're just dabbling at cleaning your room because every pile of clothes is still on the floor. We didn't get much done because we just dabbled at the project all afternoon.
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dabble in (something)

To do something sporadically or as a hobby. Oh, I only dabbled in painting when I was younger—it's not like I went to art school or anything.
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dabble at something

to play at doing something; to do something halfheartedly. Don't just dabble at your history paper. Settle down and do it right. She dabbles at painting.
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dabble in something

to be involved in something in a casual manner. She dabbled in local politics for a while. I want to dabble in something new for a while.
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dabble in

To do some activity occasionally, superficially, or without ambition: I've dabbled in painting, but I'm not very good.
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Dabble Extracts specialises in processing medical and recreational marijuana into premium-grade extracts.
Dabble's reputation as a premier producer adds further value to Medicine Man's portfolio as well, the cannabis company said.
CARL HODGSON They are probably given as much time to dabble, but far less instruction on how to use materials available.
To qualify for the upgrade, Dabble DB developers simply have to send an e-mail to Marketing@AlphaSoftware.com with the words: "I'm a Dabble DB developer who needs a new home for my database" in the subject line.
For CPAs who dabble in technology consulting, the e-business page of IBM's Web site focuses on software implementation strategies.
Wasser connected with a trainer who dared to dabble in doo-doo.
Recker is just beginning to "dabble" with selling commodities and buying inputs over the Internet.
Sheila said: "Last year trade got a bit quiet with ice cream in the winter, so we thought we would try and do something a little bit different and had a little dabble with flavours.
The Rev Ron Lycett claims trick-or-treat night has a sinister side and can tempt children to dabble with the occult.
Instead, Barksdale plans to serve on various boards, including AOL's, and dabble in investments.
Unlike Dr Milson I am really unemployed with two young children and wonder whether I am alone among the more than one million unemployed who view his 'dabble' into unemployment as definitely not being enlightening or rewarding on any level.
Summary: They starred on EastEnders and also had a dabble with Hollywood.
South Park - The Complete Seventh Season (Cert 18, 328 mins, Paramount Home Entertainment, DVD pounds 24.99, Comedy) Best friends Cartman, pictured, Kyle, Stan and Kenny dabble with metrosexuality and even form a Christian rock group in 15 episodes of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's award-winning animated series.
To anyone who might want to dabble I recommend the following.
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