dab off

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dab (something) off

To remove something, often with light and careful strokes. I dabbed the jam off of my son's face after lunch. I dabbed the toothpaste off the mirror before mom saw it.
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dab something off (of) something

 and dab something off
to pat or wipe something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please dab the butter off your chin. Please dab off the butter. Dab the moisture off of the apples.
See also: dab, off
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A clever creamy gel, it's easier to apply than a liquid liner because you can dab off any excess on the back of the hand, as an artist would using a palette.
On-driving off front and back foot with grace and precision, his 50 came off 65 balls with his ninth boundary, a delicate dab off Muttiah Muralitharan, and he had looked untroubled at the crease.
Using a tissue to dab off extra watercolor gives an antiqued effect.
Dip a sponge end in acrylic paint, dab off excess on a thick paper towel, then stencil the design.
Mop wine with wine!; Dab off lipstick; Soda can blitz rings
Apply the paint sparingly, working in a stippling motion, and keep a piece of kitchen towel handy to dab off any excess paint.
Dab off the excess with cotton wool and the vitamin and mineral content of the olive oil will benefit the skin greatly.'
To do this, dip a slightly damp sea sponge lightly into the glaze and dab off any excess on some scrap paper or kitchen towel, then apply the colour in a dabbing motion.
All you do is roller or paint over the surface of the stamp, dab off any excess, then just point and press, using a light rocking motion to get an even coverage of paint on the wall.
Dip the brush very lightly into the paint, then dab off any excess on a piece of kitchen towel before you stipple the colour on to the design.
The right lever operates the front brake to quickly dab off a bit of speed.
5: If you are using a stamp, you can apply the paint on to the cut-out foam with a small roller, or dip it directly into the paint, then dab off the excess on a piece of paper towelling.