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break the cycle

To not participate in dysfunctional and/or unhealthy behavior. Often, such behavior is commonplace in one's family, and the person breaking the cycle does so to keep it from continuing through future generations. I don't drink at all because I come from a long line of alcoholics, and I am determined to break the cycle! You need to break the cycle of procrastination, Michael. It is seriously starting to affect your grades.
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slang A motorcycle, referring to the likelihood that the rider will get into a fatal accident, becoming an organ donor as a result. You know Mom thinks of motorcycles as donorcycles. She'll freak out if she sees you on one!
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n. a motorcycle. (Refers to the availability of donor organs after a motorcycle accident.) Guess what happens when you ride a donorcycle without a helmet?
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The availability of the new QIAGEN Fast Cycling PCR Kit for general PCR applications and for amplification of complex DNA templates extends QIAGEN's wide portfolio of assay technology solutions for research and diagnostics and satisfies the increasing demand for greater speed in PCR.
All participants in Bike Week events will be able to enter a free Prize Draw, with a cycling holiday, bikes and accessories to be won.
Under the Nottingham Cycle Challenge project, 42 per cent of those arriving at work by bike said that they were cycling more, following the measures implemented by their employer.(5) At Milton Business Park in Oxfordshire, the development of cycle facilities has encouraged over 350 employees to start cycling to work.
Furthermore, Masire applauded Joy Foundation for hosting the cycling day for cancer, and said it was a way of promoting the sport and bringing education to participants on health issues especially cancer.
Councillor Peter Lowe is the new West Midlands Cycling Champion
"The lifestyle here can be very stationary, so the more cycling paths there are, the higher the chance that people will go out and exercise," Klein said.
The study points out that a third of North Tyneside residents do not have access to a motor vehicle and that regular cycling has many benefits including to health, through increased activity, and the environment through reduced levels of pollution.
It will cover opportunities for developing and promoting local cycle routes as well as looking at the need for improved support for a wide range of cycling activity.
Peter Riddell, recreation manager for British Cycling, said: "British Cycling is proud to partner with Middlesbrough Council in this incredible year of cycling.
It is an annual opportunity to promote cycling and show how it can easily become routine, by encouraging the idea of "everyday cycling for everyone" and demonstrating the social, the health and the environmental benefits of cycling.
He has vowed to make cycling safer and more convenient so it becomes an attractive alternative to getting behind the wheel for the school-run.
The athletes were found to be 7% faster at running 3,200m after 30 minutes of cycling with the fastest turnover than with the slowest one.
[USPRwire, Mon Jun 24 2019] Fact.MR has compiled various aspects of cycling apparel and presented in a new research report.
Summary: According to the report, the cycling apparel market is projected to expand at a significant pace during the 2018-2028 timeline (review period).
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