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break the cycle

To not participate in dysfunctional and/or unhealthy behavior. Often, such behavior is commonplace in one's family, and the person breaking the cycle does so to keep it from continuing through future generations. I don't drink at all because I come from a long line of alcoholics, and I am determined to break the cycle! You need to break the cycle of procrastination, Michael. It is seriously starting to affect your grades.
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slang A motorcycle, referring to the likelihood that the rider will get into a fatal accident, becoming an organ donor as a result. You know Mom thinks of motorcycles as donorcycles. She'll freak out if she sees you on one!
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n. a motorcycle. (Refers to the availability of donor organs after a motorcycle accident.) Guess what happens when you ride a donorcycle without a helmet?
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The RN can be charting, entering lab requisitions, or doing other tasks, while maintaining close contact to the patient and cycler. In other centers, the patient is checked approximately every 30 minutes, with the call bell available should the patient need assistance between checks.
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Cepheid sells Smart Cyclers to the life sciences research market through distributors in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Far East.
Other selection criteria included loss to incenter hemodialysis and the volume of telephone contacts (questions and complaints) from patients to the 24-hour technical support line of the manufacturer of the HomeChoice APD cycler (Baxter Healthcare Corporation).
The assay is designed for use on the 3M[TM] Integrated Cycler, a scalable, real-time PCR instrument that uses less than one square foot of laboratory bench space.
There has been high demand for the Techne Prime Thermal Cycler Range since its launch at Achema 2012.
Agilent agreed to license certain Applera technology for real-time thermal cycler instruments in research-related fields, excluding human in vitro diagnostics.
Recycling officers recently helped youngsters get into the green groove with a visit from Cycler the Rapping Robot.
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Cepheid's Smart Cycler instrument facilitates the speed and accuracy of the IDI-Strep B test.
Izasa will provide marketing sales and service support for the Smart Cycler from its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.
Research and development efforts have shifted substantially from Smart Cycler development in 2000 to GeneXpert development in 2001.
The borough council has secured the services of Cycler, a rapping, dancing and talking robot who entertains and educates children with an hour-long interactive presentation on waste issues.