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a cutting edge

An advantage due to superior skill, ability, or resources. You may not be the fastest, but you have a cutting edge—your stamina. Fellas, why would we invest in your product if it doesn't have a cutting edge? Man, her memory is a cutting edge in this contest. It's freaky, like she's retained everything she's ever learned in her life!
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cutting edge

1. noun The forefront of technological developments or advancements. The new company I work for is at the cutting edge of medical science. I think some of their new instruments are going to revolutionize the field of medicine.
2. adjective Technologically advanced. When used as an adjective, the phrase is usually hyphenated. With their cutting-edge instruments, I really think this company is going to revolutionize the field of medicine.
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cutting edge

Fig. the most forward part of a trend; the leading part of a trend. (Alludes to the edge of a sword. See also on the cutting edge. See also on the bleeding edge.) Fred's invention put him on the cutting edge of the computer chip business.
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(be at) the cutting ˈedge (of something)

(be at) the newest, most advanced stage in the development of something: working at the cutting edge of computer technology
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cutting edge, at/on the

In the forefront of new developments. The analogy is to the sharp edge of a knife or other tool, which is in front during the act of cutting. The term came into use in the field of scientific and technologic research about 1950 and soon was extended to practically any area of endeavor. For example, in a radio interview on November 14, 1989, Craig Wich, the director of Opera Lab, explained that his organization’s approach to integrating movement, emotion, and singing was at the cutting edge of a new approach to opera (Boston, WCRB). A similar metaphor widely used is the leading edge. Dating from the 1870s and at first describing only the forward edge of a rudder or propeller blade that cuts the water, it was later expanded to mean any device or system that extends an aircraft’s speed, altitude, and range, and eventually transferred to the vanguard of anything—“the leading edge of technology,” for example.
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Along with a collegial environment offer cutting-edge technology and educational opportunities.
RADEON 9500 & 9700 series VPUs feature fast 3D graphics performance, sophisticated real-time visual effects, unsurpassed image quality and cutting-edge video features.
Edge recession and cutting-power consumption were measured and the cutting-edge profiles were recorded at prescribed cutting periods.
"You must be 18 to attend, because the cutting-edge puppetry here can be violent, sexual or too brainy for younger fans." ...
It will allow the hospital access to cutting-edge technology sooner than it would have through an ongoing, open tendering process.
It is particularly important to join clients in the process of optimizing their treasuries from the local, regional and global perspectives by providing cutting-edge solutions and products based on each country's local situation, maintains Juan Joss G6mez Amaro, director of transactional banking of Grupo Santander's America Division.
"Qwest has been providing network services for the NASA Research and Education Network (NREN) for more than a year, and we have shown NASA that Qwest is the company to turn to for cutting-edge network services," said James F.
Complementing the Biltmore's distinct architecture and design is a spectacular lobby and fourth floor social center created by cutting-edge, design firm MCCARTAN.
The sloped, unstraight cutting-edge inserts make it possible to use fine-pitch cutters with more inserts on the same body.
Similarly, even those resistant to the larger glitter trend couldn't deny its role as the era's cutting-edge sound.
The biologist's cutting-edge research has garnered her a three-year grant of $300,000 from the American Cancer Society, and a four-year career development award of $200,000 from the Department of Defense to focus her research on breast cancer.
Our response has been to establish a highly specialized team in the region that offers support and advisory assistance to clients who are in the process of centralizing and optimizing cash assets and to develop cutting-edge solutions such as the Infocash regional system."