cut the crap

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cut the crap

1. rude slang To stop trying to be deceptive. Often used as an imperative. Cut the crap—I know you're lying to me. Look, can we cut the crap and call this what it is? I'm being fired, not "reallocated."
2. rude slang To stop fooling around. Often used as an imperative. We'll never get this room painted unless you guys cut the crap and start working!
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cut the crap

get to the point; state the real situation. vulgar slang
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cut the ˈcrap

(taboo, slang) used to tell somebody in an impolite way to stop talking about unimportant things or talking nonsense and get to the main point: Cut the crap and tell me what you really think, OK?
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Cut the crap!

exclam. Stop the nonsense! (Usually objectionable.) Cut the crap. Talk straight or get out.
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'It's cutting the crap, talking directly to people and facing their anger, their optimism, their frustrations, their enthusiasm,' she added.
To adapt a phrase of his own, he was 'cutting the crap and making it happen'.
For a man with a reputation for "cutting the crap" he does slip into management-speak more than you may expect, but does at least try to get to the heart of the issues affecting his huge organisation of 20,000 staff.
Presenting the annual public relations awards in London last week, my good friend Romola Christopherson, the Health Department's Director of Information, revealed that HER only award was a framed scalpel with a citation reading: "For cutting the crap."