cutting edge

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a cutting edge

An advantage due to superior skill, ability, or resources. You may not be the fastest, but you have a cutting edge—your stamina.
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cutting edge

1. noun The forefront of technological developments or advancements. The new company I work for is at the cutting edge of medical science. I think some of their new instruments are going to revolutionize the field of medicine.
2. adjective Technologically advanced. When used as an adjective, the phrase is usually hyphenated. With their cutting-edge instruments, I really think this company is going to revolutionize the field of medicine.
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cutting edge

Fig. the most forward part of a trend; the leading part of a trend. (Alludes to the edge of a sword. See also on the cutting edge. See also on the bleeding edge.) Fred's invention put him on the cutting edge of the computer chip business.
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(be at) the cutting ˈedge (of something)

(be at) the newest, most advanced stage in the development of something: working at the cutting edge of computer technology
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The intensity of the cutting edge wear gets even lower in the cutting length L up to 26100 m where monotonic wear takes place.
Australian post-production companies are highly regarded in Japan and Cutting Edge has been successfully servicing the Japanese market for over 15 years.
A high quality cutting edge was achieved using lower feed rates [v.
director of Research and Development at Cutting Edge Spine.
Gerhard Huber, Seco's sales and customer care manager, sums it up: "The extremely stable cutting edge of the round insert is the key to success in terms of productivity.
The Idahone ceramic stone is as effective as the Arkansas stone in achieving cutting edges with few irregularities on Hu-Friedy 11/12 Gracey curets and in achieving equally smooth corresponding root surfaces on extracted human teeth.
According to Romesser, Cutting Edge, a wholly-owned subsidiary acquired by TRW in October 2000, will lead the development and volume production of TRW's EUV light sources.
Figure 2 shows SEM micrographs of the cutting edge as viewed from the side and in a direction perpendicular to the rake face for the tool before and after pretreatment.
But recently, the [Seattle Sounders minor league soccer team's] plans to be on the cutting edge of American soccer have run into a big problem.
com)-- An innovative and effective new product targeted at those in various manual trades, the Miller's Cutting Edge, has been developed by Steve Miller of Edgewood, Maryland.
Once crater wear starts, it generally accelerates, leading to a significantly weakened cutting edge.