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Even with the full version of Adobe's Acrobat Pro (around $500) cutting and pasting from scanned documents is difficult, if not impossible.
Chris Wermann, communications director at US-owned multi-national Kellogg's, asked workers to respond to the official consultation exercise on the charge by cutting and pasting opposition views from a No campaign website.
An even faster way of cutting and pasting with Windows, which many people don't know about, is continuing to use the mouse after selecting the text by pressing the right mouse button.
Ironically, he called these densely packed constellations of printed matter, which he started making in 1951, simply "Paste-Ups," referring to the childhood activity of making worlds by cutting and pasting at the kitchen table.
Users can also create their own documents using StudyWorks, enabling teachers to design their own materials from scratch or by cutting and pasting from the documents included on the CD.
By cutting and pasting pieces of genetic material, and most recently using artificial evolution as a design tool, engineers are starting to program microbes to carry out behaviors that nature never dreamed of.
Anyone who tells you more children will perish in Iraq this month than Americans died on September 11 is cutting and pasting inflated mid-1990s statistics onto a country that has changed significantly since then.
Cutting and pasting paragraphs within HTML is the ideal solution, as it's easy to do and the resulting page looks just like the original.
For the first time in the Arab world, a process of 'cutting and pasting' was introduced as a cultural mechanism.
The process of cutting and pasting does not imply too much thinking, it implies too much imaging: image believing, image selecting, image cloning, image recycling, and so on.
The windows make cutting and pasting easy, and graphics can be imported into documents.