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cutthroat competition

Opposition that is especially fierce, relentless, or merciless. These school election breed some cutthroat competition. The students here will do just about anything to win, even if it means ruining each other's reputations. I never could handle the cutthroat competition of investment banking, so I decided to pursue something a bit more easygoing.

cutthroat prices

Extremely low prices (i.e., those that "cut the throats" of competitors by being impossible to beat). They gained a huge foothold in the market by offering decent mid-range smartphones at cutthroat prices.
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cut someone's throat

1. Be the means of someone's ruin, as in Joe would cut her throat if she got in his way. One can also cut one's own throat, that is, spoil one's own chances, as in Alice cut her own throat by her repeated absences. This hyperbolic term alludes to actual murder (or suicide). [c. 1500]
2. cut one another's throats. Engage in destructive competition. For example, With their price war the two stores were cutting each other's throats. This usage gave rise, by 1880, to the idiom cutthroat competition, for vicious competitive practices.
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A recent study in a small lentic ecosystem (9) found that the rainbow trout had an average relative condition factor of 72.5% ([+ or -] 2.1%), while the cutthroat trout had an average of 101.0% ([+ or -] 4.9%).
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An internationally recognized business planning expert, Professor Hazelgren draws upon his impressive expertise in Tactical Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneur's Game Plan to show aspiring entrepreneurs how to survive and prosper in the cutthroat world of business ownership.
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