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cookie cutter

1. noun A tool used to cut dough into shapes for cookies. I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter for these Valentine's cookies—aren't they adorable?
2. adjective Identical to other things. In this usage, the phrase is typically hyphenated. I want a unique house, not one of those cookie-cutter boxes that looks like every other one on the block.
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cord cutter

One who cancels a traditional cable subscription and replaces it with other entertainment sources, such as streaming services, a la carte programming, etc. I never thought I'd be a cord-cutter, but once traditional cable got too expensive, I decided to go that route.
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piss cutter

dated slang A nickname for the side cap (a foldable military cap also known as a garrison cap or flight cap) worn by members of the Unites States Navy or Marine Corps. Sometimes hyphenated. Primarily heard in US. I asked my grandpa what the funny little hat was called in his pictures from the war, and he said it was his piss cutter. We all tucked out piss-cutters into our belts as we entered the room.
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and piss-whiz
n. an extraordinary person; someone who can do the impossible. (Usually objectionable.) Sam is a real piss-cutter when it comes to running. I ain’t no piss-whiz, just your average guy.
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Turn slow, feed slow and keep the cutter and the slide as cool as possible.
According to the results of statistic analyses and field surveys, the failure modes of PDC bit mainly involve the mechanical wear and fracture of cutters during normal drilling, accompanied with few occurrences of PCD stripping and cutter drop, wherein, the mechanical wear always occurs at the cutters on the top of crown, while fracture and stripping frequently occur in the cutters on the edge of crown [3].
Result showed that 16 mm size cutter and cone shape cutter are best design to minimize the cutter wear compared to other size and geometrical shape of cutter used in the project.
Brush cutter market in the Americas: Increasing construction activities is the key driving force behind the growth of the brush cutter market in the Americas.
the parent to cutting tools provider Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc.
Once a cutter loses its edge, it never gets better by itself.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global brush cutter market to grow at a CAGR of 3.
The Viper Series RockReamer improves penetration rates while extending cutter life.
A new Screen Classifying Cutter from Munson Machinery (Utica, New York, USA) reduces hard, soft, and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes at high rates with minimal fines, the company says.
INDIANA INSURANCE Commissioner Carol Cutter passed away on Sept.
The Model SCC-15 screen cutter cuts hard, soft, and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes with minimal fines at high rates.
NORTHBORO - Carolyn Dearington Cutter, 93, died April 26, at Beaumont Skilled Nursing Center in Northboro.
He designed and built a fixture to hold an end mill arbor securely during cutter install/removal.
The new cutters feature a hard nickel coating--700+ Vickers--on the cutter body, which offers protection from chip wear, longer tool life, and aids in chip evacuation.