cut throat

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cut (someone's) throat

To bring about or be the cause of someone's ruin, downfall, or failure. That discount supermarket is cutting our throats, there's no way we can compete with their prices! Jim set out to cut his brother's throat after finding out that he'd been swindled.
See also: cut, throat

cut one's (own) throat

Fig. [for someone] to bring about one's (own) failure. If I were to run for office, I'd just be cutting my throat. Judges who take bribes are cutting their own throats.
See also: cut, throat
References in classic literature ?
You remember, perhaps, that you were in full possession of your reason during this succession of fantastic images; even that you acted with extraordinary logic and cunning while surrounded by murderers who hid their intentions and made great demonstrations of friendship, while waiting for an opportunity to cut your throat.
Upon my conscience, though I have no wife, if you had treated her so, I would have cut your throat.
Then no more of Felton; she would have cut your throat, and after that everybody else's.
The following July Bowes threatened Ms Montgomery, telling her through her flat door: "I will cut your throat if you don't drop the charges.
Let's speak the truth, they are ready to cut your throat ?
Smith's husband Bill, according to the Florida Times-Union, said of the Williams campaign that "they will cut your throat in the name of the Lord, and that means anything goes.
It is cut your throat time in terms of what this means.
Inside he pulled a five-inch knife, held the blade at her neck, and warned: "I'll cut your throat if you lock me out again.
Apparently the idea of sharing a bed with someone who might cut your throat or beat you up if you happen to mention you weren't a Naked Gun fan is something of a turn on.
The 19-year-olds, talked down by a negotiator, had crept up behind her, Corey saying: "I'm going to cut your throat.
Boyce added: "[He was] Shouting, 'Boyce, Devlin, I'll cut your throats on [the] way out'.