cut water off

cut (one's) water off

1. Literally, to turn off the flow of water, typically to one's place of residence. If you don't pay your bill, the water company will cut your water off.
2. To thwart or stifle one. We need to cut this guy's water off before he totally undermines what we're trying to accomplish here.
See also: cut, off, water

cut someone's water off

Fig. to squelch someone; to thwart someone. (Fixed order.) Well, I guess that cuts your water off! That sure cuts off my water!
See also: cut, off, water
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RAMALLAH, March 10, 2013 (WAFA) -- Majeddo Israeli prisons administration Sunday cut water off prisoners and banned family visits after they returned meals in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners, said Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC).
"If they want to cut water off then we will ask the pilgrims and visitors to bring their own water with them and we will explain to them what is happening so that they would know about the Israeli arbitrary policies being practiced against the holy places," he said.