cut (someone or something) loose from (something)

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cut (someone or something) loose from (something)

1. To free or remove someone or something from something, often by literally cutting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cut" and "loose." Luckily, the rescue crew was able to cut the girl loose from her wrecked car and save her life. When the hook got caught, we had to cut it loose from the net.
2. To remove someone from a group or organization of some kind. We had to cut Greg loose from the study group—he just wasn't doing the work. We've had to cut a few people loose from the staff this year to reduce costs.
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cut someone or something loose from something

to sever the connection between people or things, in any combination. Wally cut the child loose from the tree where his playmates had tied him up. I cut the cord loose from the anchor by mistake.
See also: cut, loose

cut someone/something loose

COMMON If you cut a person or organization loose, you get rid of them, especially by no longer employing them or controlling them. The company is about to be cut loose from the state on which it has so long depended. He could not believe that the firm he has served for so long would cut him loose. Note: You can also say that a person or an organization cuts loose if they become free from the influence or authority of other people. He's cut loose from this business except, possibly, where James is concerned.
See also: cut, loose, someone, something

break/cut/tear (something) ˈloose from somebody/something

separate yourself or somebody/something from a group of people or their influence, etc: The organization broke loose from its sponsors.He cut himself loose from his family.
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as they try to cut us loose from the church of our freedom