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You hear that it can cut two ways, one being that, given the two candidates' stances, people are waiting to apply," Hipsman said.
For pet owners, the financial implications of this end-of-life movement cut two ways.
lt;p>Others say that community support, an open-source hallmark, can cut two ways in an enterprise setting.
But if gay rights advocates feel that businesses catering to them should have the right to discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, they should realize that knives tend to cut two ways.
Loyalty does cut two ways, but these public servants take our votes for granted.
But condescension is not a failing of the old alone: it can cut two ways.
Second, the division between full-time professors and part-timers can cut two ways.
Lewin's analysis, commissioned by a group representing major health care organizations, could cut two ways.
Even where the talk seems sincere, as at both the BLM and BuRec, it can still cut two ways.
Zidane is very sensitive about his Algerian heritage, and being called a ``terrorist'' would cut two ways.
As is the case with indigenous and black intellectuals in Latin America and the Caribbean, the reluctance of the dominant culture to recognize the role of the black intellectual in the United States can cut two ways.
Thus, judges' unintentional memories for warm-up moves cut two ways.
Romney has found that appealing to people's religious beliefs and feelings can cut two ways.