cut to (someone or something)

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cut to (someone or something)

1. To swiftly undermine one's or an argument. As in the first usage, "to" is typically followed by a particular state, such as "shreds" or "bits." If you make this argument, an experienced lawyer will cut you to shreds. You better find another angle for your argument because an experienced lawyer will cut this one to bits.
2. In film, TV, or video editing, to abruptly interrupt a sequence in order to show something else. In this usage, "cut to" is a set phrase. I was watching the football game when they cut to breaking news about the wildfire.
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cut someone or something to something

1. Lit. to chop or slice up someone or something, especially to bits or pieces. The chef cut the carrots to bite-size pieces. The lawn mower will cut you to bits if you get under it.
2. Fig. to destroy an argument; to destroy someone's argument. The lawyer heard her argument and cut her to bits. She cut the argument to pieces.
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cut to someone or something

to shift the radio, movie, or television audience's attention abruptly to someone or something new. Suddenly, the engineer cut to the announcer. The technical director cut to a remote unit that was covering an accident. The camera cut to scenes of Atlanta burning.
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Changes by the bank include a rate cut to one of the Barclays Help to Buy products, reducing the rate to 4.99%.
If Berlusconi, whose jail term was cut to one year under a pardon law, is expelled from the senate, he will lose his immunity from prosecution in a string of criminal cases.
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had his prison sentence cut to one year on Friday, just hours after he had been sentenced to four years behind bars for tax fraud.
The prize fund rate is being cut to one per cent reducing the monthly payout from pounds 59million to pounds 32.2million.
Six ahead of the field overnight at the Kapalua Resort, Ogilvy had his lead briefly cut to one after he bogeyed four of the first eight holes before pulling away from the chasing pack.
RETIEF GOOSEN maintained his lead in the Asian Tour's Volkswagen Masters but saw his advantage cut to one shot by US Open champion Michael Campbell.
The annual two-day competition was cut to one day because of bad weather but Rock (Swingers Golf Centre) finished three strokes clear of the field with a four-under-par 69.
American Gerry Norquist had his five-stroke lead in the Benson and Hedges Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur cut to one after a third round 75.
Hills offer 5/6 that it will still be three points; 4/1 that it will be cut to one; 5/1 that Chelsea draw level on points; 6/1 that the gap increases to five points; 12/1 that it is extended to six and 20/1 that it is trimmed to two.