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cut (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To slice or chop something into a particular state (such as "shreds" or "bits"). Sharks cut their prey to shreds with their razor-sharp teeth.
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cut to (someone or something)

1. To swiftly undermine one's or an argument. As in the first usage, "to" is typically followed by a particular state, such as "shreds" or "bits." If you make this argument, an experienced lawyer will cut you to shreds. You better find another angle for your argument because an experienced lawyer will cut this one to bits.
2. In film, TV, or video editing, to abruptly interrupt a sequence in order to show something else. In this usage, "cut to" is a set phrase. I was watching the football game when they cut to breaking news about the wildfire.
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cut someone or something to something

1. Lit. to chop or slice up someone or something, especially to bits or pieces. The chef cut the carrots to bite-size pieces. The lawn mower will cut you to bits if you get under it.
2. Fig. to destroy an argument; to destroy someone's argument. The lawyer heard her argument and cut her to bits. She cut the argument to pieces.
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cut to someone or something

to shift the radio, movie, or television audience's attention abruptly to someone or something new. Suddenly, the engineer cut to the announcer. The technical director cut to a remote unit that was covering an accident. The camera cut to scenes of Atlanta burning.
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Excessive heat in the workpiece because of grinding heat causes the cut to close in, with resulting wheel pinching and/or breaking.
If he hits 2 in the corner, as shown, he will cut to the basket and then out to the opposite corner, while 4 and 5 v-cut to replace the open spaces in front of them.
The agency's 1994 Western Forest Health Initiative, which, identified salvage logging as one of the key ways to thin forests of dead, unhealthy, and "at-risk", trees, targeted about half the salvage cut to come from roadless areas, and early in his tenure, Chief Thomas made it clear that "that's where the timber is - we're going in." But because the rider leaves the Forest Service immune to almost all public appeal and environmental challenge, it has opened a wide door for abuse.
Replace the point whenever vacant, cut to the elbow, then spot up.
8), post 5 will curl-cut to the dotted line and seal the nearest defender, and opposite-wing 2 will cut to the basket.
This is an easy cut to make with the curve-cutting snips shown, but making it with a straight-cutting snips would be a challenge.
By rotating the post a quarter turn after each cut, you can use the previous cut to guide the blade for the next cut.
Cut to fit your saw, it eliminates the need to measure each time you want to cut.
If you need a very clean edge, however, you'll have to rent a concrete saw with a diamond blade, which can cut to a depth of 4 in.
* Always cut to the waste side of your line; that is, into the scrap piece rather than into the piece you'll be using.
Pellets cut to length by means of adjustable knives.