cut throat

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cut (someone's) throat

To bring about or be the cause of someone's ruin, downfall, or failure. That discount supermarket is cutting our throats, there's no way we can compete with their prices! Jim set out to cut his brother's throat after finding out that he'd been swindled.
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cut one's (own) throat

Fig. [for someone] to bring about one's (own) failure. If I were to run for office, I'd just be cutting my throat. Judges who take bribes are cutting their own throats.
See also: cut, throat
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slit his own WORRIED son discovered his 59-year-old father bled to death from a cut throat just days after his mother re-married.
Anthony Murray co-CEO of Cut Throat Committy Records and Slim's personal manager comments, "Soulja made it his business to take kids out of the ghetto and give them jobs with his label as a way of doing good for society.
WHAT A CUT THROAT WORLD TEENAGER Dayu Kalima is facing a life sentence in Borneo for hitting sword swallower The Great Kalar on the head with a coconut during his act.
Swashbuckling Geena had to perform an amazing series of stunts in the pirate romp, Cut Throat Island.
The advanced PIM Module to our Core Retail Suite helps companies more quickly negotiate contracts with manufacturers as well as deliver higher profit margins in cut throat retail markets.
My hair looked great and the cut throat shave made my face feel really smooth.